Sunday, January 21, 2018

How About You?

It's only January, but on my walk the other day I discovered a Forsythia in bloom! For all of you who live in the Midwest or on the East coast, I'm so sorry for the awful Winter weather you've been enduring. I'm flying back to Indiana next week and my fingers are crossed that the roads won't be too treacherous since I'm out of practice driving in anything but rain. Around here it's been in the 40's and we've had quite a bit of rain and some sun-breaks. Typical PNW weather.

Here's what I've been up to the last few weeks:

I attended the "Gathered" women's retreat at our church Friday night and Saturday. The teaching was on Isaiah 43,44 and 55, and everything about the talks, food, worship, fellowship fed my soul. I love learning more about God's love story for us! We also were inspired by Kelly Welk from Cider Press Lane to do what we love and allow God will use it to bless others. Check out her website here and see how their joy of hospitality has grown into a way to fight against human trafficking.

Around my town: It was like a ghost town at Safeway the other day. Where have all the shoppers gone? EVERYONE in my town has decided to check out the new Fred Meyer. As someone who doesn't deal super-well with change, I'm not in love with them closing MY Freddie's and closing Main and Vine (miss my Wednesday $5 salads!) and then opening a mega store. No more zip-in and zip-out. Now you have to pray for a parking spot and weave your cart around a billion people. Who are you? Where did you come from? 

Around my home:
How come I've gained weight since my husband has been unemployed?! Well...we now eat lunch together and it's probably more calorie-laden than I used to eat, plus at night our dinner portions are about the same size. He goes to the YMCA every day and burns lots of calories through lifting and cardio.  I take walks. Shoot. This can't go on! There are only 166 days until my daughter's wedding!

We finished season two of "The Crown" on Netflix. I won't spoil it for you, but it has definitely caused us to discuss healthy and unhealthy parenting and marriage relationships, and the Monarchy.

I grabbed what I thought was a matchbook out of my husband's bathroom drawer so I could light a candle for my bubble bath. Upon opening, I discovered not matches, but toothpicks. Is this a new thing? Now that smoking is no longer allowed in most places (thankfully!) are restaurants giving out cute toothpick packs? When trying to research, I did find an article on the history of matchbooks.

Did anyone else ever read the former online magazine called "Matchbook?" I loved their tagline; "Field Guide to a Charmed Life." I miss it! Bring it back!!!

I'm knitting again! Yay for yarn and little projects! I sent the girls of my family this blog that talked about the value of creativity and The Creator of all.

I'm back into menu planning and trying to use what we have in our freezer and pantry. Last night's Chicken Marsala was yummy, and I made One-Pot Kielbasa Pasta for a family who just had a baby. 

We've moved my husband's office upstairs to what used to be the guest room, and that is now on the lower level. We have some more projects to complete and then we're possibly going to make a stab at having an Air B and B. 

How about you? What have you been up to this month? 

In His Grip, 
xo Jane

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