Thursday, March 8, 2018

Let's Talk Numbers and God's Timing

Back in the day, when I taught a two-year-old Sunday School class, one particular song stuck and often runs through my mind. 

"Tick, tock, goes the clock,
tell me what it's saying?
Time to ________
That is what it's saying."

The blank can be filled in with many options; pick up our toys, read a story, gather for circle time...
Right now I'm filling in the blank with~ HIRE MY HUSBAND PLEASE!

Yep. We're still waiting to hear our good news. We "pulled the trigger" despite NO news, and leave for a get-away to Florida on Saturday. We are looking forward to a change of scenery. Tuesday at my bible study we were discussing the Israelites wandering in the desert, feeling trapped and not being able to enter the "Promised Land." You can read more about that in the Bible Old Testament books from Exodus to Joshua. We want to honor God while we wait and stay grateful for his continued provision.

I am not a current fan of H.R. policies and procedures, but then I've never really been a part of the corporate world. It just takes sooooo long for companies to go through the process. Mike continues applying, connecting with SO MANY kind people on Linked In, and sends email follow-ups, but that doesn't take eight hours, five days a week. 

He has kept his daily routine of working out at the YMCA, devotions each morning, he cooks us dinner each evening, walks our puppy dog, Sydney, keeps our yard tidy when it's not raining, watches his shows or goes to the cheap Tuesday matinee. I finally realized it was time to buy him a new puzzle. Puzzling to him is like knitting is to me; therapeutic.

You'll notice a tiny puzzling-friend in the photo that is also a great distraction; baby Hazel. I care for her two days a week and bring her over to our home for a couple hours mid-day. It is hard to be impatient and bored when you're snuggling or attending to a sweet baby.

Mike also enjoyed being beat in Connect Four with one of my friend's Kindergartners. Since we have an empty-nest, it's nice to have the kid-distractions like we used to have when our four were in our nest. 

"While I was focusing on the speck of time I found myself in, God was busy writing a greater story than I could have ever imaged."
(Maria Furlough, Breaking the Fear Cycle, which just released on March 6th.)

God's timing is not like ours. Time marches on and the countdown we are excited about is the summer wedding of our youngest daughter. Yes, employment will help make PAYING for the wedding much easier.

120 days to go, Jane & Mike!

Sarah and Nick are really the engaged couple, but The Knot website thinks we're getting married because I signed up to get information. Ha! I get messages asking me when I'm going to start planning ... They think we haven't even begun to figure out the venue, website, budget, guest list, registry, dress, etc. We really DO have almost all the planning done. The dress drama might be cleared up at the end of the month. 

We've done weddings four times before; our two sons, our first "original" wedding back in 1983, and the tenth-anniversary renewing of our vows. The pastor who renewed our vows is part of the couple we're going on vacation with. It will be refreshing to be with friends who have known us for over 35 years with all the ups and downs that come with marriage. I wish I had a photo to show you, but they're still packed up in "we thought we were moving" boxes. Should I mention that our wedding album has gone MIA?!

Here are some other numbers in my world:

Three batches of cookies baked this week.
Six people including our daughter coming to stay overnight so they can attend the Chapel Hill Celebrate Recovery Ministry training conference.
Two bridal showers to help oversee.
Two sleeps until Florida.
23 Days until cake-tasting and dress try-on. 
24 Days until Easter!!
122 Days since my amazing husband has had a job and felt productive.
95 days until our 35th Wedding Anniversary.
10+ pounds gained back that need to disappear.

"Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom."
Psalm 90:12

In His Grip,
xo Jane

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