Saturday, December 9, 2017

5 Favorites

Happy Saturday! I hope you're enjoying this second weekend in December. The photo above is from a post I wrote many years ago, "Mrs. C and Me," explaining all the things I have in common with Mrs. Claus. I LOVE Christmas! I still have and occasionally wear that hat!

One of my sisters asked if I had put my personal family photos back out since our home is no longer "on the market." The answer is no, not yet. Half our garage is still filled with boxes that are packed with personal items, excess decor, out-of-season clothes, etc. Whether we get to stay in the house or not, I'll eventually go through all the stuff and hopefully pare down even more. We've decked-the-halls in a minimalistic, yet cozy way, and I'd better get busy since I'm filling in at Charlie Barnes for a few hours this afternoon. Come visit the baby store if you're in the Gig Harbor area~lots of adorable items for littles.

But first, here are my current favorites:

1. Yay for body butter from Trader Joe's:
I use the Coconut body butter all year, but THIS Warm Vanilla is new and only available for the Holiday season. Rush~there weren't many jars left yesterday! Only $4.99 and healthier than Bath & Bodyworks lotions.

2. The Sample Dinner Ideas from Trader Joes:
In the back of the University Place store, a friendly woman prepares yummy samples using about three ingredients found in the store. Yesterday's menu was roast beef and brie on French bread. My tip is to take a picture of the recipe that they write on a little chalkboard so you can remember what to buy in the future.

3. Seeing familiar faces around town:
One of the big reasons why I love living here in my Harbor town is always bumping into people I know when I run errands. (I may or may not remember all their names, but I know their faces!)  I have a history with lots and lots of wonderful people that I've met over the last twenty years. At Target I saw at least six friends, then caught up with a bestie at Michael's craft store.  I walked into two local shops Friday morning and had the joy of being recognized, welcomed, and known. 

4. Flashback Memory:
When I was a tween and teen, my Dad, who worked in Indianapolis (about 30 minutes North of our home in Carmel) would take me with him downtown for a special day when school was out for the Holidays. I'd get to Christmas shop in L.S. Ayres and Blocks Department stores (think Nordstrom or Macy's) ALL  BY MYSELF! I loved the festive window displays, the gift displays, feeling grown-up and then meeting my Daddy for lunch at the Press Club. I moved away from Indiana in 1994 and my father passed away the year before that, so it's been many, many Christmas seasons since I've had those special times with my Dad in the Hoosier State.

5. Having an unexpected "Holy Moment" in my kitchen.
I had asked "Alexa" to play holiday songs by Michael W. Smith and the song "All is Well" sung by Carrie Underwood and Michael came on. OH. MY! It stopped me in my tracks! SO beautiful and perfect peace for my heart. Praise for their goose-bump talent giving glory to Jesus! Enjoy!

We're praying for the fires in California to be extinguished, (thankfully our oldest son's apartment isn't affected) for healing for our friend's toddler, Caleb, and a new job for my husband, yet rejoicing that there are only 16 days until Christmas!!

In His Grip and trusting All is Well with you,
xo Jane

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