Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mrs. "C" and Me

Christmas is just days away and as I wrap my family’s gifts I’m thinking of the first (and best) Christmas gift- Jesus. My kids and hubby often compare me to the “first lady" of the North Pole since I enjoy all the preparations of our Savior’s birthday. I’ve compiled my top ten reasons why Mrs. Claus and I have a lot in common:

10. We love wearing the color red.
9. Our husband’s jobs require travel.
8. We love to make and eat Christmas cookies.
7. We both like hanging out with little people and playing with toys. (The preschoolers & Kinders I used to teach were a bit elfish.)
6. We really enjoy festive decorations
5. Our “love language” is giving gifts.
4. We think snow makes everything look magical.
3. We are in charge of the wrapping department and always use fancy ribbons and bows.
2. We both should work a bit harder on firming up our tummies. (Refer to #8)

I hope you believe in Santa and Jesus, and have a very Merry Christmas!!

In His Grip, Jane

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