Sunday, February 5, 2017

Super.... Sunday

Happy Superbowl Sunday! My Seahawks aren't playing, so I don't care about the game, but I'm looking forward to tradition of hanging out with friends, yummy food and fun commercials. Sundays are always super at my Chapel Hill church. I hope you all have found a church home you love. Some of the things my week included:

Super good news...
After returning late last Sunday from my trip back to Indiana to visit my Mom, I continue to hear good news about her recovery. Due to many prayers and excellent medical care she is out of the hospital, in rehab, and on the mend. 

Super shocking and sad news...
My sweet friend's 29 year old son passed away due to complications from flu and diabetes. I'm aching for their family, their loss... Their faith is strong, but oh, their grief is HUGE and I can't imagine losing one of my four precious children. I awaken and immediately pray for her. I know that the Lord will continue to minister to Lola with mercy and tenderness. 
Psalm 72:12 "God takes special care of those in great need."

I really appreciated the timeliness of this devotion. I do my best to choose joy, but some days we just can't act cheerful and "play the glad game" like Pollyanna. Several years ago I wrote a post about joy.

Super sweet Pen Pal...
I have a Pen Pal! My niece Story, who is in First Grade back in my childhood town of Carmel, Indiana, asked if we could be pen pals when I had to say goodbye to her last weekend. Just a few days later I received a wonderful envelope full of surprises; notes, drawings and a bookmark. Oh what joy! I used to teach 1st grade, so I love this age. My niece is so adorable, thoughtful, smart and talented. It fills my heart to be loved by a little one. I immediately wrote her back, and I look forward to YEARS of correspondence. Do you have a pen pal?

Blond hair is tricky, and I tend to be impatient. My hair was driving me crazy (my appointment had been postponed) and rather than wait six more days I decided to call a different salon and get in for hi-lights. Hmmm... I suppose I wasn't clear about my color preference; I walked in a golden blond with roots and walked out a dark blond who needs to be fixed! It's just hair, but I sent the stylist an SOS and she said she'd lighten me sometime soon. 

Super-helpful reminder...
In my bible study we continue to learn more about Paul's challenge to all to remain strong in our faith. I appreciated this quote by Ann Voskamp:

" know, it’s a really  kind and beautiful thing for us all to walk together through a hurting world realizing that every single one of us is fighting a hard battle and it absolutely changes everything when we realize that sometimes: people aren’t being difficult--they are having difficulty."

Have you come across difficult people lately? Perhaps they're having trouble in their marriage, suffering from physical pain or deep in grief. Like I said on Instagram, remember to love well every day, not just on Valentines Day.

In His Grip,
xo Jane

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