Friday, February 10, 2017

5 Favorites For Friday

I am a happy Mama on this particular Friday due to the fact that my youngest daughter is flying home for the weekend to visit and keep me company. Normally she drives over from Spokane, but due to our crazy PNW weather, the mountain pass is closed and not safe. You empty nester Moms out there understand how much joy a simple visit from our kids brings!

So far our agenda includes: possibly getting pedicures, drinking good wine, watching at least one movie, snuggling with the pets, going for a walk, and organizing old photographs. Hopefully she'll agree with my plans. 

Sarah has started her own blog and it's SO good. Check out Simple Joys.

Here are my 5 things I'm loving this week:

1. Website for parents:

Last week at our MOPS meeting, our guest speaker was Amanda Morgan. She shared so many good ideas for positive parenting. As a mom of four and former early education teacher, I was really interested in all she had to say and her w website is filled with helpful resources. 

Through the years I've read SO many parenting books, taken courses, and even taught one at my church. Amanda's credentials of Early Childhood Education plus a Masters in Human Development combine to bring parents excellent information. Check out her website called Not Just Cute

2. The Bells and Whistles on my Leased BMW

Let me start by saying that driving a zippy little car is fun. In the summer it is REALLY fun to have a convertible with the top down on a sunny day. We don't own a boat, but I equate the feeling to zipping through the water. Have you seen the Pepsi commercials lately?...

Heated seat-check. Heated steering wheel-check!! (I don't even need gloves anymore!) 
I'm still trying to figure out the pre-sets for music, telephone, etc. I discovered a VERY handy surprise while zooming back on the highway from a trip to the YMCA and Target. If you go ten miles over the speed limit, the car warns you that you are speeding! There is a chime and a visual message pops up on the screen. This happens whether or not a police car is anywhere near. Thank you BMW for the handy warning. 

It's a bit like the Holy Spirit nudging us: "Beware, you're about ready to sin." We can listen and slow down, or speed ahead into trouble.

3. Current musical at the movie theatre

Last Saturday we drove over to a Vintage theatre in Tacoma called The Grand with some friends and saw the movie La La Land. I really like Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling and their acting and dancing were very good. I want all of the dresses Emma wore (and her figure.) Since we were down in L.A. visiting my oldest son and daughter-in-law this fall and we'd taken the MGM tour, the scenes looked very familiar. If you don't like musicals you definitely don't want to spend money for the big screen, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, along with the popcorn and company.

4. The way these two co-exist

Thor and Sydney. Kitty and Dog. It's a love-hate relationship and constantly keeps us guessing. Lots of chasing happens, the orange kitty paw often pokes as a certain sister-dog minds her own business. Often we hear that horrible sound of claws on hardwood floors as they run around after each other. Sometimes Thor finds places to jump into that provide a bit of protection.. Like the bathtub...

Just when we think they need a sibling separator (something I meant to invent for my own human children) then we'll find them snuggled up together on the couch. If only our government could learn from these two. 

5. The word copious and the Cascara Latte

When I arise in the morning, one of the first things I do is head to the coffee maker and start a small pot. If I'm especially tired due to a restless night (why was I tossing and turning again last night?!) then my mind says "I need copious cups of coffee!" Not sure when I started thinking about this word, but yes I need an abundant supply of coffee!



abundant in supply or quantity: 
"she took copious notes"
synonyms: abundant · superabundant · plentiful · ample · profuse · full · extensive · 

Speaking of coffee, have you tried the new Starbucks drink called the Cascara Latte? It is SO yummy! Bummer. I just looked up the nutritional facts and discovered this lusciousness has 190 calories and 26 grams of carbohydrates. Guess I can't order copious cups of them. 

I need to leave for the airport to pick up my daughter.  I'll leave you with some images that will surely warm your heart.

Meet Oliver Rhodes! He arrived on February 1st.

I get to babysit this little guy tonight.

The "store baby," Britton, turns one in a couple days!

"Babies are such a nice way to start people." Don Herold

Wishing you a wonderful weekend friends!

In His Grip,
xo Jane

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