Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas Eve!

Happy Christmas Eve! A lot has been happening around "Carver Corner" since I posted last. The house looks quite merry, the gifts are wrapped and almost all our kids have arrived. The house feels so much happier when it's filled with family and friends!

The past couple weeks at Charlie Barnes have been busy with parents and grandparents shopping for wonderful presents for the little ones in their lives.

We had our annual party over the weekend and it was a fun evening, as always. It warmed my heart that our friends donated socks for the homeless. There was almost a snafu...I had put all the socks in a white garbage sack and my hubby thought it was a sack of garbage. I was SO thankful that the trash wasn't collected early  so I could rescue the bag out of our can. I got to deliver the bag to the Engine House #9 Restaurant in Tacoma who was collecting them.

We've been sleeping in, listening to Christmas music, playing cards at our local brewery, watching Star Wars to prepare for our movie outing on the 26th, baking cookies, eating and drinking, and are thankful for two fireplaces; gas and wood-burning!

Our Nashville girl arrived this morning despite Tornadoes in Tennessee. She also brought along the family treasures; the traveling Norwegian candlesticks. Our newlywed son and his bride arrive tomorrow afternoon. I can't WAIT to have all my kids under our roof at the same time!

When I wake up in the middle of the night (always at least once) I usually have one particular song running through my brain. I wrote about All Is Well last December. You can read it here. Such a beautiful song and message.

I am blessed beyond message and thankful for my family and dear friends. All is well.

"All is well, all is well
Let there be peace on Earth
Christ has come go and tell
That He is in the manger
Sing A-le, sing Alleluia"

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! May you all sleep in heavenly peace, knowing Emmanuel is coming...

In His Grip, 

If you live in the Gig Harbor area, and want to attend a special Christmas Eve Service, I've linked the Chapel Hill Church schedule of five services.

Read more:  Michael W. Smith - All Is Well Lyrics | MetroLyrics 

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