Monday, August 31, 2015

Six Things I Learned in August

I love August! It's the month I was born and the weather here in the PNW is typically fabulous. I'm linking up to Chatting at the Sky, where we share new things we learned during the month. Here are six things I learned in August:

Do not give your dog a bath if you're inviting friends over that evening. That horrible wet-dog smell lingers... Even three candles doesn't mask the odor. 

The second astronaut to walk on the moon took communion and read scripture.  I was just a little girl back in 1969 when I watched the amazing walk on the moon but I don't remember hearing the words of Jesus. I read about this a few weeks ago while reading "For Your Weekend" on Emily P. Freeman's blog. I researched Buzz Aldrin to find out more about this Holy moment on the moon.

Some "45 minute make-overs" take longer... My daughter and I signed up for make-overs at the Bobbi Brown counter a couple weeks ago. We wanted to learn some tips for the upcoming wedding and try out new products. It was really fun and our artist was one of the professionals trained under Bobbi. She goes to Nordstrom's around the country. Should I be concerned?...It took her a LONG time to do me up from start to finish. I do think she made us look "wedding-ready." Hope we can recreate this look ourselves!

New math: 5 years + 10 pounds= 5 dresses. When my oldest son was getting married back in 2010, I saw a dress I liked one day, tried it on, and bought it. Boom. The End.

This time was a tad more complicated. I ended up bringing home five different dresses; one from J.C. Penney's, two from my private appointment at Nordstrom, one from Target (What?! Yes, they have a bridal department online and it was a returned dress I found in the clearance area.)

The winner was found by chance when I went to a different mall with a friend. (I'll share a pic after the big day.) The "rejects" have all been returned. They all had potential, but most of the colors washed my pale Norwegian skin color out. The plum one below was definitely the runner up.

Maroon 5's debut album was named after me! Ok, not really me, but the 2002 album is called "Songs About Jane." I just learned that while listening to Pandora last night. The muse was a former girlfriend of Adam Levine. 

Good grief, I can't even pretend it was me since I was in college the year Adam was born! Which leads me to the last thing I learned this month:

Celebrating my Birthday with family and friends is fun even if it means I'm getting older. On my actual "day" my hubby and youngest spoiled me with a Mexican fiesta on our deck. Margaritas, enchiladas, beautiful roses and perfect weather; what's not to love? 

On Friday night lots of my best girlfriends helped me celebrate at a local spot called Zogs. (It's a hidden gem on Fox Island. You walk through the Shell gas station store to get to it.) 

Each time a friend showed up I felt my heart swell bigger. I am blessed! We had an "after-party" too, with cake and bubbly. I felt totally loved and spoiled and I'm thankful to have been given another year to spend with all the people I love!

"So teach us to number our days, That we may present to You a heart of wisdom." Psalm 90:12

What did you learn during the month of August?

In His Grip, 


  1. I love that Buzz Aldrin had communion on the moon! So cool!

    I have that same red "You are Special" plate. Glad you got to use if for your birthday with your hubby and friends. Happy birthday to you.

    1. Thanks so much! September is already flying by! Thanks for reading!

  2. We have the same red plat too! Happy birthday to you, such fun lessons you learned. I really enjoyed reading them.

    1. We love our red plate~it's our second one... the original was shattered in an Earthquake years ago. Thanks for reading!