Friday, August 28, 2015

5 Favorites This Friday (Vol. 2)

Happy Friday! This is my second installment of my 5 favorites where I share things I'm currently loving. Hope you enjoy!

Organize~ I found the perfect solution for hat storage. It's called the PRESSA and it's found at Ikea. It's meant to be used in the laundry room as a hanging dryer. Well, this little octopus-looking contraption will be hanging from the ceiling in our closet, holding all our sports caps. Handy and cheap! ($4.99)

Watch~"An Affair to Remember." My daughter had never seen this movie so she and one of her girlfriends (who has seen it a billion times) watched it with me. It was made in 1957 and starred Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant. It takes place off the coast of Italy on a cruise ship. If you appreciate sap, romance, good fashion and Cary, you'll enjoy this movie! (You'll also see where "Sleepless in Seattle" got part of it's story-line.) I did a bit of research on the actress and discovered her middle name is Jane, she was born in Scotland so her red hair is legit, and when she starred in "The King and I" someone else sang for her. 

Eat~Nordstom's Crab Bisque. LOVE! SO yummy! I missed this SO much when I moved back to Chicago for a couple years. It's a specialty at the Tacoma Mall Nordstrom and it's my go-to lunch if I'm at the mall. It just so happens I have a few dresses to return and one to be altered. I think a trip to the cafe' might be on today's to-do list!

Wear~I've been borrowing my daughter's running arm band cell phone case when I take walks. Now I can listen to Podcasts and have my hands free to handle my doggie. I just ordered one of my own from Amazon for $6.99. Happy Birthday to me!

Make~ One of my favorite go-to things to make is a Southwest Salad. I brought dinner to one of my dear friends last week who was under the weather and decided to take her a little "fiesta." It's basically a layered salad which just requires a bit of washing and chopping... Here's the easy-peasy recipe:

Ingredients: lettuce (I used a blend of Romaine, baby greens and iceberg)
                    drained corn
                    drained black beans
                    green pepper
                    red onion
                    chopped rotisserie chicken (don't you love using these?!)
                    deli Pico de Galo
                    Mexican shredded cheese
                    Southwest Chipotle salad dressing

In addition to the main course salad, I baked corn bread, made fruit salad, took chips and salsa and baked a little apple crisp using apples from the tree in my backyard!! The interesting thing we discovered about our tree, is that it has several different varieties growing on it; Gala, Fuji, etc. Sounds like somebody manipulated nature... but quite handy for baking!

What are you loving lately?

In His Grip, 
Jane                 Thanks for reading "See Jane Learn." I always appreciate your feedback.

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