Friday, August 14, 2015

5 Favorites This Friday (Vol. 1)

Happy Friday! Sometimes a girl needs to share what she loves with her friends. Here are 5 favorites for this week:

Read~All you mommies of school-age kids, how’s it going? Only one more month until school starts again in the PNW. You can do this!  Enjoy this Mom’s description of her summer called “The One Mantra You Need to Survive Summer.” I laughed out loud while I read this on the plane.

Listen~Do you ever listen to Podcasts? Usually I download sermons from churches I attended in other states, but I've also started listening to "The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey." Each week this writer interviews someone over the phone and it’s so fun to listen in. It’s probably more geared to women who aren’t yet Empty-Nesters, but I always learn fun new things (like books to check out, meal planning, people making a difference, etc.) I’ve been listening to them while I walk Sydney and the time and distance seem to fly by. Subscribe on I-Tunes...

Organize~I finally simplified my Pinterest Boards. My organized daughter convinced me to combine a bunch of my boards. I’m still working on this project. This has forced me to decide what is still relevant to me and rather than taking pleasure in quantity, my pins are more about what I really love. I’m using the philosophy of the book, The Magic Art of Tidying Up. (If it doesn’t spark joy, it’s bye bye.)

Go~If you live anywhere near Gig Harbor, WA, there is a special event happening at Sehmel Park Amphitheater. Overflow is community worship and it's tomorrow (Saturday) from 5:00-9:00. Admission is food donations for our local Food Bank. Bring chairs, a blanket and expect a fun night. Isn't it great that we can praise Jesus in Public?!

Eat~Hungry and running errands? Starbucks has a new little lunch item that is yummy! It's called the Thai-Style Peanut Chicken Wrap. The three wraps plus green grapes are 430 calories and even though the dip says it contains coconut and I'm not usually a fan, it was SO good! I need to learn to re-create these at home...

It's the first Preseason game for the Seahawks tonight, so I'll be joining all the other 12th man fans and wearing my blue and green today. Go Hawks! Tomorrow is a big day; going dress shopping for my "mother of the groom" dress. Wish me luck! Have a great weekend friends.

In His Grip,
Jane                            Thanks for reading See Jane Learn!

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