Friday, June 26, 2015

Looking Back...and a Five-Year Blog Anniversary

Our front porch in Whitley Hills, Fall 1997

Five years ago this month I wrote my first blog. Back then I didn't even know how to add photos. I still struggle with the techie side of blogging and I'm not a consistent or talented writer, but over the last five years, I've penned 315  posts. My hope is that as I process the ordinary, daily things, that you might be encouraged and learn some new things too!

Five years ago this weekend I was saying goodbye to the town and people I loved in Gig Harbor and moving to Illinois.  Windows and Walls was written as I said goodbye to our yellow house in Whitley Hills.

Quite a lot happened in a span of five years: one son married, lots of graduation ceremonies were attended (one high school, three college, one graduate school), I packed, moved and lived in lots of places (a Colonial in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, the basement of a friend's home on Raft Island, a studio apartment near Horsehead Bay, a pretty rental on Fox Island and now to our dream home in downtown in Gig Harbor), we said goodbye to our beloved dog Sadie and rescued our adorable Sydney,  Zoe the cat ran away and found herself a new owner, Tigger stayed chubby, our other boy got engaged, Mike changed jobs and I found my passion working at a baby boutique called Charlie Barnes. We said goodbye and hello to dear friends and our church.

We learned lots of lessons during our two years back in the Midwest.

Through it all...through all the changes, tears, blessings and moves, God was there and God was good. He showed us grace and mercy and love. As I sit on my deck overlooking my gorgeous Harbor town, I try to remember not to hold on too tightly to all we've been given. Who knows what the next five years might bring?

In His Grip, 

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