Monday, December 1, 2014

He's a Keeper

Just like in the story of The Tortoise and the Hare, it has been a long and slow process but we are plodding along together on the right path in our marriage.

We are a bit like turtles... slowly learning how to love well.

We are in it for the LONG run and the prize at the end of our lives. Marriage takes perseverance and practice and definitely prayer.

It was 32 Novembers ago that we first met and started dating. We both worked at an Indianapolis restaurant called DALTS; I was a waitress waiting to get a teaching job, he was a cook trying to figure out life after college. November 7th~first date: (he had a free pizza coupon.) December 10th~(we knew it was love.) Mid-December~I had melanoma surgery and he spent all his non-working hours hanging out with me at the hospital. December 22nd~(he proposed.Christmas Day~he asked my parents. Yes they were shocked and not quite on board. I totally understand now that I have young adult children!! June 11, 1983~we were married!!!

31 years, 4 kids, laughter, lean years, disagreements and tears, his fall off the roof and recovery, job changes and moves, surgeries, some bad choices, counseling, grace, and through it all hanging on to God and each otherWhich brings us to now...

"Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her." 
Ephesians 5:25

Here are some examples from the past month of how my husband has loved and served me:

He helped with my MOPS church project making baby blankets.

 He baked really good chocolate chip cookies for our kid's visit.

He helped me untangle my yarn and roll it into balls. He even convinced his friend to help during a Seahawks game!

When I missed my Chicago flight home due to bad weather in Indianapolis, and it was the last flight out, he booked me a hotel room and a got me a ticket for the next morning. Dragging my 48 pound suitcase through O'Hare has convinced me to pack lighter. (BTW, when you book a Hilton room with points they give you two free water bottles.) The cold, stale Starbuck's bagel was my delicious dinner.

When my Thanksgiving apple pie completely dripped to the bottom of the oven, (why didn't I put the pan on foil?) he took care of my mess.

Even though he loves log fires, we both agreed that we were tired of the draft and the smell of smoke every morning. He convinced a company to give us a good deal on a gas fireplace insert. YAY! 

Let it be noted that when the gas grill quit working Saturday night he cooked our "welcome home two youngest kids steak dinner" over the open fire. My guy has many talents!

Before leaving for a business trip yesterday morning he managed to go work out, clean the kitchen, buy more lights, make a pancake breakfast and help a child with an application. I really haven't embellished the previous examples. He treats me like a princess (most of the time) even when I don't deserve it.

What have been doing, you might wonder?? Well I certainly haven't been blogging! I've just been a little off this month. I can't explain it... I just haven't had tons of energy or enthusiasm. Also, I was out of town for a week visiting family and ever since I returned I've been sick. 

Marriage is about give and take. Ups and downs. Peaks and valleys. We take turns caring for each other and sometimes it's a bit unbalanced. I hope there are times when my husband feels spoiled and I hope he ALWAYS knows he's loved.

If you too have been in a marriage for awhile then you understand. It isn't a race... It takes perseverance yet it's SO worth it.

Thank you for letting me  share how very grateful I am for how God has worked in the heart of the man who I get to call my best friend, husband, father to our four, and partner for life. He's a keeper.

In His Grip, 
Jane                 Thanks for stopping by See Jane Learn!

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  1. What a lucky guy (and girl)!
    BTW....Bob and I had our first date there almost 35 years ago! I wonder how many love connections were made there?!