Monday, November 3, 2014

What I Learned in October

Here are some things I learned last month:

1. MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) is still thriving. Our two coordinators recently flew to Louisville, Kentucky for MOMCon, the MOPS national convention. I had attended a convention back in 1998 in Denver and still have amazing memories from that trip. Were any of you there? Thanks to technology, I was able to stream all the large group talks given by fabulous Christian Mom speakers. I was familiar with many of them from blogs and books I've read, and spending my weekend immersed in their encouragement felt like I was there! This Mentor Mom is going to start saving her pennies to attend next year's MOMCon since it's in my childhood hometown of Indianapolis!

2. Even guys like collections. Throughout our marriage, my husband has put up with my collections, many of which have come and gone. Two of my favorite items I collect are antique aqua Ball Jars (I went to Ball State!) and white pitchers. Now that we've down-sized, I realize I need to quit collecting and "edit" my belonging. My husband has a collection...shower heads.
Yep. He keeps a stash and switches out our shower head occasionally. The zip lock bag moves from house to house.

3. I appreciate the sound of English words better than American words. One of the books I recently listened to on Audible was A Little Love by Amanda Prouse. I enjoyed the accent of the narrator, and here's a few reasons why the English vocabulary sounds better:
"edit my belongings" vs. purge, "load the boot" vs trunk (besides, aren't trunks located on the front of an animal?), "it's rubbish" vs. trash. See what I mean? Their words just sound more classy. Great book by the way. 

4. You can find out your blood type when you donate. When I asked my doctor's office if they could tell me my blood type, they said it would  cost something like $90 to do the test. The nurse did tell me that if I donate blood to a blood bank, I can find out for free. Sounds like a and getting.

5. Now I understand why pastors where robes. I attend the modern service at Chapel Hill so our pastors are usually wearing casual clothes. I never really questioned why pastors wear robes in traditional churches (or mine on certain days such as one we call "Saint Andrew's Sunday".) After our pastor brought up the topic, I did a bit more research hereThe purpose is so our focus is on the message, not the man/woman or their personality delivering God's word. It also reminds the people of his/her special calling. The robe is not meant to set him/her above the congregation, but to set them apart due to their unique office as pastor during the Lord’s Day worship service. 

6. It's not just a musical, it's a possibility. A couple years ago when my man and I were still living in Illinois, I convinced him to watch Fiddler on the Roof with me. I had never really watched the whole musical. Well...this fall WE got to play matchmakers and connect two single friends we know and love. Guess what?! Five weeks after their first date, they are engaged and a wedding date has been set. I love happy endings, and I love how GOD knew all along they were meant to be together.
Photo courtesy of Bing
7. We should have taken the course twenty years ago. We've been taking the Dave Ramsey course at our church called Financial Peace University. Oh my... He.    Is.    Wise.
Using biblical principals, Dave teaches how to handle money. If only we'd taken his course when we first got married. Now, we're working hard to change our behaviors and correct past mistakes and move forward. If you haven't heard of it, I recommend you check out Dave's website and buy this class for couples getting married. 

I'm linking up with Emily P. Freeman at Chatting at the Sky. What have you learned lately?

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