Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Some Days are Rough

It was a sunny, beautiful morning here on Carver Corner although this Mama wasn't moving very fast. It must have had something to do with enjoying a girl's night here including Margaritas, tacos, watching The Butler, and staying up until midnight.
My hubby is on the East Coast today and I wasn't working, so after my walk with Miss Sydney I felt the need to do something productive and decided my pets needed a bath. (I realized this after I made a Vet appointment for Tigger and I was too embarrassed to show up with a cat who had dandruff and dirty ears... I also discovered NO ONE in the Harbor does cat grooming!) 

Here is Tigger Duncan on a better day. He was shedding fluffy red hair everywhere in our home.
Here he is after his torture shower. Thank goodness we have a hand-held shower sprayer and a glass shower door so he had no where to go. I put on my swimsuit and prepared to be attacked. Amazingly, I didn't get scratched! I'm glad I trimmed his nails first.
 He was NOT happy with me.

Sydney's turn was next. I think my hubby will be surprised when he hears that I gave BOTH animals a shower. (He might be able to guess by the "wet fur" lingering aroma that even my candles can't cover up...)
As if having his nails trimmed, a shower and not feeling well wasn't enough, I added to Tigger's miserable day by taking him to the Vet.
It's a good thing I took him in since he has a respiratory infection and his ears have a bacterial & yeast infection. So now I get the joy of dispensing very expensive meds to the real grumpy cat for the next week.

Some days as a Mama are harder than others. Showing love is sometimes deeds, sometimes words, and sometimes pointing them to the one who promises to always be with us...even on rough days.

"And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age." Matthew 28:20

Sydney & Tigger are both asleep now, hoping it was all a bad dream. Unlike the animals in this house, the rest of us think baths and showers are relaxing and theraputic!

I'm feeling like I should be awarded some sort of Pet Parent Olympic medal today...or am I just being taught that sometimes we do things without expecting anything in return?

In His Grip, Jane

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