Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Mind Keeps Moving

Most of the Olympic athletes spent time imagining and executing their performances in their minds. Closing their eyes, they pictured every move...whether they were maneuvering downhill or spinning on the ice. Years ago when I was on a dance and drill team I did the same thing.

Now I find myself “moving into" homes. Since we’ve started looking at the rental home market in our area, I picture my husband and I living in each house we tour. Where will our sectional fit? Where will our kids sleep when they come home for a visit? Will the yard work for our dog?

Over the weekend we saw two possibilities; one was a “boo” in my book. Ugly, no view. It did have new carpet but no charm. The second one was definitely a "yay"! Granted, it had wood-burning stoves (rather than the gas fireplaces “her ladyship” has become accustomed to) and Brady Bunch gold bathroom counters, and tiny closets, but...this home had two decks with an amazing view of our harbor (note picture above)and was minutes from downtown. I pictured our porch swing on the lower deck. I imagined being just across the street from friends and minutes from work.

Yesterday, on my commute that is truly getting old drive to work (and yep, I was running late again) I got a message from my husband. The house was going to the other interested person. Really? I had almost started packing. 

We think we know how things are meant to be, but only God knows the plans he has for us. I thought our hope of being close to town was coming true. I was glad to have a new place to go to before we get handed the 30 day “move out” notice. And then I remember; this home we’re in wasn’t what we were expecting and it has turned into a blessing. 

One of my dear friends has a special needs son. She shared with our young MOPS mommies that having a baby with special needs is like planning a trip to Italy and having the flight crew say "Welcome to Holland!"  It’s different than what you imagined, but still special.

Proverbs 16:9 “We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.”

Despite spending the rest of yesterday grumbling and disappointed, I awoke today grateful for another morning here on Carver Corner with my cozy fire lit with a flip of the switch. I will try not to pack and move until it's really happening, and I'll think about the saying; "write your plans in pencil and give God the eraser."

Have your plans changed lately?

In His Grip, Jane

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