Monday, March 3, 2014

What I Learned in February

It's March? Where did February go? Usually I keep notes of things I learn throughout the month, but alas...I did not. So I'm linking up with Emily Freeman of Chatting at the Sky with only my menopausal memory to guide me. Here's what I think I learned last month:

1. If you want to remember something, write it down. This applies to many things; to do lists, work schedules, baby shower gifts that need to be ordered, things I learned. At the store where I work we sell a really cute Quote book for parents to keep track of the things their kids say throughout the years. I wish I'd had one of those because quotes come in handy at graduation parties or wedding toasts.

2. This is a good winter to NOT live back in the Midwest. My family in Chicago and Indianapolis has had snow dumping on them week after week. Too much shoveling, super cold, school cancellations. My son and sister who are both high school teachers have to make up LOTS of snow days~they've added minutes to the end of each school day in an attempt to avoid losing their whole summer to make-up days. We had ONE day of snow this winter. The only thing the rain here is canceling is my desire to take my Sydney on her walks.

3. Valentine's Day can be extra-romantic when the power goes out. Michael was traveling on the 14th, so we celebrated Valentine's Day on Saturday the 15th. We decided to stay in and cook. Right about the time we were going to begin making dinner, the power went out. We got creative and thanks to our gas burners we made spaghetti and meatballs and heated garlic bread out on our gas grill. Bubbles, candlelight, dinner, Save Haven on Netflix (he has 3 G network on his I-pad) and our date was perfect.

4. I love my job. This isn't really new news, but I keep having opportunities that make me grateful that I get to work at Charlie Barnes, the baby boutique. My boss took me on a buying trip to Seattle to help choose new books for the store since she knows how much I LOVE children's books. I got the joy of shopping and didn't have to spend any money! Our website is up and running; check it out!

5. Losing my Weight Watcher's password to log into my account must be the reason I gained back the five pounds I had lost. Or perhaps it's due to my consumption of bread, desserts and wine? Shoot! I finally get to get out of the gray and fly to Vegas with my hubby on a business trip next week and this body of mine is not ready to be parading around poolside. Oh well... I won't know anyone there and I'll probably never see them again, so I will focus on enjoying the heat and sunshine and use the opportunity to actually enjoy taking outdoor walks!

6. Firefighters retire in their 50's. I didn't know! We attended a wonderful retirement party on Friday night of a friend who is only 53. I wondered why he was retiring so young, but obviously firemen have a difficult, very physical job, which is best suited for young men.

7. I'm not cut out to be the next Pioneer Woman. My husband I went to see a home that's for sale last week that I'd always driven by and commented on it's cuteness. Yes. It was cute. But...due to the fact that it didn't come with a groundskeeper, we noted; it also was on three acres with huge garden plots, lots of chickens, firewood that needed to be cut, and immaculate grassy areas used to being manicured. I've never ridden a John Deere, my dog would kill the chickens and I'd rather read than garden. That home wasn't meant for us.

8. Prayers are just a text or phone call away. I have some close girlfriends who I share life with and if my heart is heavy all I have to do is text them a prayer request and boom. Done. They are praying. I also have a bestie who prays on-the-spot with me. Not, "I'll be praying for you," but "let's pray." We all need to be better at doing that.

Whether it's parenting or house-hunting, bring on the "March Madness" because this former Hoosier, who will continue to cling to God, knows that..."He is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to the power that is at work within us." Ephesians 3:20

What did you learn in February?

In His Grip, Jane

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