Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My Word for 2014

We rang 2014 in quietly with a movie at home and some bubbly.  The tree is down and been dragged across the street to the nature area that totally blocks our view of Mt. Rainer, and the road trip I’m taking with my daughter who is relocating to Nashville begins in three days. Before I begin packing, I am finally updating my Iphone 4 (it worked!) and I decided what my one word for the new year will be.

Rain is today’s word. After a few weeks of glorious dry weather and some sunshine, the Northwest is back to it’s typical rain and gloom. I’m not going to whine too much, since I'm getting daily reports from my family in Chicago and Indianapolis about their weather. Their one word to describe it is COLD!

For the last several years I have chosen one word to focus on, rather than making a list of resolutions that look good written down but never quite happen. I chose Journey my first year and it certainly was fitting since we had major changes happening. Joy was the next year; I had to make a conscious effort to choose joy every day despite my circumstances.

Last year my word was TRUST. Over 365 days later, I’m still convinced it was the exact word for me in 2013. I was given many opportunities to put my word into action. God is always good and trustworthy, even when bad things happen in the world and to people we love...

I've been pondering over this year’s word for a couple months. Actually, the word I chose was suggested to me by a very good friend (thanks Sue!) My one word for 2014 is FREE

 I’ve done the Beth Moore bible study, Breaking Free, The Journey, The Stories, but I still need to remember that I have complete freedom because of Christ. My list of “things” I need to be free from will keep evolving. Certain things pop into my head quickly; I hope to BE FREE...from people pleasing, insecurity, talking when I should be listening, from worry, from lack of self-control, from insomnia, from envy, from comparison, from fear, and on and on my list goes...

I want to live FREE as I lean into the truth of who God is and who he created me to be. 

And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

I discovered a website that puts you with a “tribe” who pick the same word. Check out 
One Word 365. The site can help you choose a word and then connect with others! 
Have you picked your one word for 2014?

In His Grip, 

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  1. You have good reason and inspiration for having Free as your word. Sometimes the word may be something we are feeling that we want to keep in our hearts, sometimes it's something we want to achieve.

    You have a long trip ahead of you. Be safe.