Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Southern Hospitality is Alive and Well...All Over!

Despite being far from home I feel at home. My daughter and I traveled over 2,400 miles on her relocation road trip from Washington State to Nashville, Tennessee, and everywhere we’ve stayed we have been treated like royalty family. 

For the first three nights of our road trip my hubby arranged hotels. (Thank you Marriott points!) We experienced comfy beds and free breakfasts. At my in-laws we enjoyed family time and comfort food. At my Mom’s new retirement home we got the unconditional love and pampering only a Mama can provide. Every resident had heard about Janie, so I felt a bit famous. I also got sister time!!  Two nights at the Barrington Suite were followed by a night at my dear friend’s home; laughter, flannel sheets and yummy bagels were all given to us in love. 

We were not, however, expecting to be treated like family by new friends who we’d never met. A co-worker of my husband and his fiance’ opened their beautiful home to us in Brentwood, TN. The hospitality, meals and love we’ve been shown has been astounding. 

I want to remember how this feels and pass it on. Not only have they shared their lovely home and pets with us, but also delicious dinners, conversation and clothes! Our “hostess” gave my daughter a lot of outfits that she was going to take to a consignment shop; they’re beautiful, they fit, and she’s even wearing one today for interviews. (God is a God of details.) She also gave her a classy tote and loaned her a dress coat. She just met us on Saturday!!

want to obey any promptings from the holy spirit and give freely. I want to hold my belongings loosely and be ready to pass them on to whoever needs something. I’ve always tried to make our home a haven to anyone who needs a spot. I’ve welcomed friends, family (we’re so far they hardly get to come), college kids and even a foreign exchange student into our home. I’ve cleaned, cooked, and been somewhat of a tour guide. Sometimes though, I start feeling imposed on, and I have to "check my attitude". I want to have the attitude of our new friend~passing on unexpected blessings. 

Never underestimate how random acts of kindness can bring encouragement. My daughter has complete trust in Jesus. She knows He’ll provide. This Mama says she trusts, but it blesses my heart to see things falling into place for my daughter before I have to board a plane tomorrow headed to Seattle and leave her here in Nashville to begin the next chapter in her story. 

God keeps confirming that she is doing the right thing. Our road trip was without incident, she has a fabulous place to stay until she finds her own affordable little apartment, her interviews are going great, and she even got invited to join a 20-something small group at the church we visited on Sunday. 

Just like in the Seahawks vs. 49ers game when the momentum shifted in our favor, things are in her favor. I see glimpses of love and grace surrounding my girlie. SHE never doubted God would provide. 

"And if God cares so wonderfully for flowers that are here today and thrown into the fire tomorrow, he will certainly care for you. Why do you have so little faith?"
Luke 12:28 

I believe Nashville is going to be a very good place for my favorite second child. Y’all tune in again for updates on my Nashville girl. We’re heading downtown tonight since I fly home tomorrow. Maybe we’ll bump into one of my favorite country artists?!

In His Grip, Jane

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