Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What I Learned in September

Happy October! I am linking up with Emily Freeman’s Chatting at the Sky to share what I learned this month.

  1. I’m not sure if I’m still a blogger. Oh, you noticed that I haven’t posted a post in two months? My time is filled with work, my involvement in our church’s Women’s bible study and MOPS, continuing to purge junk garage stuff, homework, trying to be ready for book club and having two of my four kids back in the house. If I have computer time I’m reading emails, not typing. Can I still be a blogger if I only post once a month?...
  2. We’ve had our LAST garage sale. EVER. Remind me I said I would never have another one. I’ll continue to purge, donate, possibly sell on Craig’s List, but NOT participate in the Island Garage Sale. It did earn us enough $ to take our 25 year old out for a fancy dinner and buy her a bunch of new clothes so I guess the effort was worth it.
  3. My husband’s Toyota Camry is “stealth”. We kept trying to lock the car Saturday and it wouldn’t let us. Why? Even though we had the keys in our hand it was still running and we couldn’t hear the engine! 
  4. Friends trump weather. It’s been raining here for days and I really miss the sunshine. We broke a record for wettest September. Did I mention I live an hour south of Seattle and I REALLY don’t like rain?! We chose to move back to the Northwest from the Chicago area though, because we love our friends, community and church. I'm loading up on coffee, tea, candles and need to find another cute hat. As I dream of Arizona or sunny mid-west fall days I remind myself that my Christian community matters, not the weather. (If only my family in Indiana, Illinois & Nebraska lived closer...)
  5. Fathers rescue and “pump up” their kids. I saw a man riding a small bike carrying a bicycle pump the other day on my walk. I imagine one of his kids had a flat tire and he was on his way to help. God is like that too. He sees we need to be rescued and arrives. He gives us what we need and more...

How about you? What did you discover in the month of September?

In His Grip, Jane

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