Thursday, October 24, 2013

Two Weddings and the Wicked Cough: Part One

I’m supposed to be leaving on a jet plane tonight to join my husband at the Ritz-Charles Resort, in Dove Mountain, Arizona, where he’s attending a conference. Doesn't the photo look dreamy? Wouldn't two and a half days on one of those lounge chairs in the hot sun be fabulous? (Especially since the Northwest is experiencing HEAVY fog that even Brian Williams mentioned on the news?)

And yet...the wicked cough I’ve had for 3+ weeks caused our trip plans to be cancelled postponed. So sad! Since I have a bit of couch time, I thought I'd give you a recap of my Hoosier trip.

Last week the hubby and I (and my cough~yes, it seems to go everywhere with me) were back in Indiana, my home state. When I tell my friends I had a great time in Indy they hear “India”. No, not India. Indy as in Indianapolis, Indiana. Out here in the Northwest most people probably feel it's just a "fly-over state".  Oh, it's a special place and the trees are beautiful in the fall.

We were thrilled to be able to attend two weddings (friends & family) with a week in-between for me to spend time with my Mom and sisters. Thanks to the hospitality of great friends we had a place to stay, a VERY comfy bed (I slept in every morning since the wicked cough kept me up at night) and hubby borrowed their home office so he could work. I bet our hosts are thrilled they're in Florida now on Fall Break~I'm sure the sound of my nebulizer and the constant hacking wore them out!

Saturday morning we headed over to the Hinkle Fieldhouse parking lot on the Butler campus. If I say “Go Dawgs” around here it means the UW Huskies. Back in Indy it means the Butler Bulldogs. My hubby is an alumni and we got to tail gate with all his frat friends and their wives. We miss that! Since we don’t have tickets to the UW or Seahawks games, and all our kids have gone to Whitworth (a private Christian University) there has not been much tailgating in our life. Sunshine, beer, music, and I even learned the “Cupid Shuffle” which came in handy at one of the wedding receptions!

The first wedding we attended was at Zionsville Presbyterian Church where we belonged back in the late 80’s early 90’s.  Our friend (and B & B host) officiated the ceremony which made it really special. (He was also the pastor who brought us back to Christ early in our marriage and officiated when we renewed our vows at our 10th anniversary...twenty years ago!) Our small group was reunited and we were ALL seated together at the wedding reception. Such fun to catch up and be together. United by a wedding, our love for Christ and each other. Oh the memories and stories we shared! What happens at table 8 stays at table 8...

Lots more to be continued...

A random bit of info:  two days ago my doctor prescribed steroids to help heal my irritated lungs and she suggested I warn my family that the meds might cause me to seem grumpy and irritated. A cancelled trip to Arizona makes me a bit grumpy too!! 

In His Grip, Jane 

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