Sunday, August 4, 2013

What I Learned in July

1. It is possible to grow sunflowers in the Northwest! Finally, I was able to grow tall sunflowers and not have them eaten by slugs or deer. The back of our house gets lots of afternoon sun and we broke a record for most sunny days this July. 

2. Applying for college is stressful, even on T.V. shows.  I am probably the only 50+ Mom who tunes in to Pretty Little Liars, but I got hooked a couple years ago when we were living in Illinois. (New town, zero friends, no job…) Anyway, I was watching a recent episode and was struck by some conversations between the characters and their Moms and Dads: 
“Without swimming, I’m just average.” (Emily, after an injury to her shoulder.) “There is nothing average about you.” (Emily’s Dad).  
“You worked hard and deserve to go to a good school. We just need to re-position you.” (Spencer’s Mom talking after her daughter got a rejection letter to the family’s Ivy League alma-mater.) “Mom, I am not a sofa!” (4.0 Spencer)

I am currently attempting to be the supportive parent while my youngest child transfers to a different college situation. My tongue might bleed as I attempt to bite my tongue…
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3. Language is not the only difference between Europeans and Americans. The following are some of the observations and questions from our Swiss guest, Daisy:
“Why do Americans eat so fast? Why do Americans eat fast food that is unhealthy, and then buy light milk and low-calorie items that don’t taste natural? Why is everyone always rushing? Why do Americans change the color of their hair and put on make-up instead of being happy looking natural the way God made you?”  Yikes. Are we the typical American family or a bit abnormal?...

4.   I think it’s time to take golf lessons. I might actually enjoy golfing with my husband someday if it gives me a reason to get this cute Kate Spade purse.

5. San Francisco isn't the only west coast city to have Trolleys! My little town of Gig Harbor now has trolleys you can ride between Uptown and Downtown for only a quarter. Cheap, fun transportation!

6. Boats make it better. Hometown concerts are just way more fun when sitting on a friend’s boat in the sunshine sipping a Corona Light. (Thank you Scott & Shelly!)

7. Women are expert packers. The store where I work had a “stuff your bag for $50 sale” and boy did those Moms and Grandmas stuff. They rolled those cute little outfits and ended up getting quite a bargain for $50. We might need to change our strategy just a bit before our next bag sale.

      8. I am funny. Daisy said I was and I made her laugh a lot so I guess it’s true!
      9. I found a name for my personality!  I heard someone on TV or the radio mention they had a “fairytale mentality”. I have one too!! I name just about everything; cars, houses, clothes.  I believe in happily ever after and that my husband is my knight in shining armor. (He was such an amazing host and “Daddy” to Daisy our guest!) 

     10. One book that I love which isn't make-believe is my bible. There is so much evidence to support that God’s word is true. Besides being Vaughn & Barbara's youngest child, I'm  the daughter of a King!

What did you learn in July?
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In His Grip, Jane

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