Sunday, July 28, 2013

Priorities and Legitimate Reasons

Yep, it’s been almost a month since I've written or posted. I think I've come up with some legitimate reasons: 
1.       My laptop-My keyboard has become unreliable. Note the blog draft from a couple weeks ago…”I just fiured out wy I avent benen writin  or postin lately. Quite a few letters on my keyborard don’t seem to be workin. Neiter is my backspace, so I cant erase. Bear wit me…”

2.        My B & B-My oldest son came to visit for several weeks, my college boy came home for a week, and we’re hosting Daisy from Switzerland for three weeks. (She's in the cute photo above.)

3.       Increase in the local population-There are lots of expectant Mommies, Daddies and Grandparents who have been visiting Charlie Barnes and I've been working a bit more.

4.       Weather-It’s been SUNNY and beautiful!!

Let me describe the last several weeks here on Carver Corner in a bit more detail… Daisy is twenty and staying with us so she can experience America while living with a typical family. We got connected through some Young Life friends after she finished volunteering in Costa Rico and at the Creekside camp in Oregon.  (I’m not sure we fit the description of a “typical/normal” American family…) Daisy doesn't drive and we live at the end of Fox Island, so we've been busy coordinating activities.

Considering how most of the year here in the Northwest is gloomy, when the sun is shining I take FULL advantage of it. Whenever I’m not at work or sleeping, I've been on my porch, walking Sydney, taking drives in the convertible, heading to the beach, begging for boat rides or eating outdoors.  It’s too hard to see the computer screen out in the sunshine, so I’m not able to write outside…

My social life really picked up this past week! Sunday evening we were at a 50th birthday party sipping martinis and listening to a guitar player. Monday a girlfriend invited my daughter and I and Daisy over for dinner. Tuesday my friends took me to a summer concert in their boat. Thursday we met other friends for dinner and an outdoor concert at Uptown. Friday after work we went to a Shy Boys concert at Fort Nisqually in Tacoma. Last night my hubby and I took our first Trolley ride in the Harbor.

Yep, this girl has been leading a full life. Despite feeling a bit overwhelmed I am feeling blessed beyond measure by all the activities and people God has put in my life since returning to the Harbor. I am learning that blogging isn't always the best use of my time. My priorities this summer are "hands on", just not hands on my keyboard typing!

“Seeking God’s will first brings perspective.” Proverbs 3:6

In between work, a talk by RZIM speaker Amy Orr-Ewing from Oxford, girlfriend gatherings, hair appointment (yay!) and Daisy's last few days, I hope to post about "What I learned in July.". Check back in with See Jane Learn mid-week!

In His Grip, Jane

(This picture is from my friend's waterfront home downtown. Thank you Davis family for taking Daisy boating twice!)

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