Saturday, June 29, 2013

What I Learned in June

I'm linking up with Emily Freeman at Chatting at the Sky to list things I learned this month. 
Ten Things I learned in June:
1. Don Draper keeps letting his past affect his present. I'm a tiny bit addicted to  three dramas that have some very naughty  raunchy story lines and now I'm left hanging until next spring. I tape "my shows" and watch them when Mike is traveling or while I fold and put away laundry. The season finales of Nashville and Dallas were shocking! Mad Men's season ending wasn't nearly as riveting. (Spoiler Alert!) I am left wondering, will  Don and Meghan make it? Thank goodness they allowed Betty to go from being a chubby brunette back to being a svelte blond. It obviously reminded Don what he gave up... Seriously? Will Don ever learn how to stay faithful and let his past go? Season seven will be the last! 

 2. Keys on the counter mean she's home. When I haven't checked my college daughter's bedroom or looked out in the driveway to see if her car is there, I can glance at the kitchen counter and if her keys are there then I know she's home.
3.  Kids don't always put away their toys when they're finished playing. (Even the furry "kids") 
4. Plastic bags aren't allowed in Eugene, OR and don't try to pump your own gas.
5. When it reaches the high 90's in California it's time to put the top up and turn on the air.
6. Watching & listening to my daughter play piano and sing at her church makes my Mama heart swell with pride.
7. Making wine is WAY more involved and scientific than I imagined. I guess I'll stop thinking up names for the wine we'll never produce. Our friends have opened a fabulous winery and tasting room called Kriselle Cellars in Medford, OR and produce award-winning wines. 
8. Wet lettuce in plastic bags in a  full refrigerator tend to freeze. I needed to get it thawed so I could make Caesar salad for twenty for a party. I stuck the Romaine on my sunny porch swing right as my daughter was taking her restaurant food safety test...not sure my method would pass inspection but it worked! 
9. The ice cream truck comes ALL the way to the end of Fox Island. Impressive. I was tempted. The song it played over and over was one that I remember from the 1st grade circus I helped put on when I was a teacher in Indiana back in the late 80's.
10. The definition of Home is changing in my vocabulary.  Home:wherever I currently live and make memories with people I love. My hubby & I are all settled in our pretty rental home and just discovered that it's going into foreclosure and we'll be forced to move out in the unforeseen future. We're hoping not until the summer is over. We might not find a water view with a wrap-around porch, but God will move with us.  To be continued...
What did you learn this month?
In His Grip, Jane


  1. It's a good definition of home. The older I get (and after going through a foreclosure myself) I realize how little I need possessions.

    1. Right after we found a waterfront rental, we learned it might only be available for one year and we might not have to leave this place after all. Decisions, decisions...Hoping I can embrace your attitude of not needing so many possessions...