Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Where Have I Been? Part Two...

Most of the time I'm home in my little Harbor town enjoying a life of routine. Sometimes though, I get to escape the Northwest and roam to other places where I pretend I'm a travel and food blogger.

Last week I was enjoying 90+ degrees in sunny Scottsdale. I love to be a tag-along on my hubby's business trips when they're in Arizona. Growing up in Indiana I remember looking at pictures in my Grandparent's Sunset magazines. Who knew I would get the chance to fly to the desert once or twice a year as an adult!

There are so many things about the desert climate that I love. The palm trees, cactus plants and flowers are so pretty. I realize the rain makes Western Washington green, but the sun shines an average of 211 days a year in Phoenix vs. about 58 sunny days in Seattle. Summer clothes and sandals are so much more fun than jackets, Fleece and Wellies.
This trip we stayed at the Montelucia Resort & Spa. It had a Mediterranean feel with three dining options and pools. While Mr. C. was in his meetings, I kept busy reading, lounging in the "adults only" pool, going to the on-site gym or visiting some of my favorite outdoor malls.

Each night we tried delicious ethnic foods and here are two examples of what compelled me to hit the treadmill each morning: cheese fondue, and Sopapillas with honey and Margaritas at Salty Senorita's.

Our last night we drove up to the mountainside Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs to enjoy the view of Phoenix at sunset.
This travel-lover is a Midwest girl transplanted to the Northwest who loves the heat of the south. Indianapolis, Chicago and Scottsdale are ALL my kind of towns, but HOME is where my friends, church, job and family are. No matter where I roam, I'll keep returning to the Harbor. The island where I live and the smiling faces of my kids are my very favorite sights to see.

Thank you for allowing me to share my latest travels with you! 

In His Grip, Jane

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