Monday, June 17, 2013

Zippers, Bumps, and Bruises

I wrote about landing hard here:My hubby and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary last week. Yay us!! We enjoyed a dinner date and are taking a road trip to California to visit one of our daughters. We've also finally started going through boxes in the garage and are being ruthless in our “purging”. That dusty, light blue box containing my wedding dress has been stored and moved unopened to our first apartment, first rental, first home we built, the 
tri-level, the Cape Cod, the yellow house we built, our “white” house in Illinois and the rental we’re in on Fox Island. I thought it might be interesting to take a peek and maybe even try it on.

My youngest daughter and I unsealed the box and after pulling out a lot of blue tissue I proceeded with the “try on”. What made me think I would be able to zip my what was I thinking picking long-sleeves for a summer wedding in Indiana   dress?  I should have kept in mind that I have had four pregnancies, slacked off in my work-outs, gained ten pounds since I lost fifteen two years ago and aged thirty years. I've been growing... inside and out! I shuffled in to show my husband and thankfully he said I still looked beautiful.  I packed it away and will hang onto it in case one of my girls wants to borrow some of the lace someday. Or maybe I could have it re-made if we renew our vows in the future?...

Our thirty years as a couple has had its ups and downs but we’re still “walking” in love. We've learned that married life is a journey you take together, love is a decision, and expect the unexpected.   We are excited to join a team at our church that mentors engaged couples. We were rushing across the church parking lot last Monday night, late to our training meeting and I wasn't paying attention.  I tripped on the curb next to the handicapped ramp and fell flat on my face. Did I mention the parking lot was full of people who got quite a glimpse of me face down while my dress flew up and revealed my new shape wear?   I didn't really have a chance to be embarrassed or to cry because I was shocked and thankful not to have any broken bones or teeth. I just had bloody hands, chin & knee, and sore wrists and shoulders. My hands are black and blue from the bruises. I have had many klutzy falls through the years.

I tend to my wounds and apply fresh bandages, but I am healing.  Despite the fact that our marriage has sometimes been bumpy and included injuries and bruised hearts, we feel thankful and relatively healthy. We do our best to honor God and each other. We laugh together and pick each other up when we fall.
Those two much skinnier kids who took their vows on a hot, humid June day in Indiana back in 1983 had no idea what the future would hold and we still don’t.

We DO however now know WHO holds our future and that He’s right there helping us through our ups and downs. Now that’s something to celebrate!

"May God, who gives this patience and encouragement, help you live in complete harmony with each other, as is fitting for followers of Christ Jesus." Romans 15:5

Have you tried on your wedding dress lately? Maybe your zipper will zip...

In His Grip, Jane
A note to my friends, family & occasional readers, I haven’t written many posts lately due to adjusting to my new work schedule and just not having anything I felt was worth sharing. God whispered that I should “get back to it” even if I don’t have a large audience. It is my goal that something I share will touch your heart. Please let me know if it does! I also hope to improve my layout as soon as I discover who can help me with that. Thanks and Blessings!

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