Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy Monday:Moments from my Weekend

Sipping my coffee and remembering moments from my weekend:
My new ESV study bible came in the mail. I am excited to dig in and have explanations and cross-references. I’d better get finished with my homework for tomorrow!
My youngest flew in for a break before Spring semester. We stopped at the Nordstrom café for lunch. Love their Crab Bisque and the squash ravioli was yummelicious too.
Sydney had a tummy-ache and sort of went on a food strike. (That huge bone I left with her to keep her occupied Friday afternoon while I was picking up Sarah at the airport was not a good idea.) Time to have rice for breakfast and settle that tummy…I wish I could stop eating when I know I should.
Saturday night we went to dinner with friends and then to cheer on the Whitworth Pirates who were in town for a basketball game at Pacific Lutheran University. Yay! Bucs won!

Great message at church yesterday on marriage; submitting in love…I went to first service for the first time in years since I had to drop off Mr.C at the shuttle early.I saw a whole different group of my church family and heard the choir instead of our modern worship band. It’s good to occasionally hear traditional hymns!

I watched “An Affair to Remember” for the first time! Love Cary Grant, that time era and the sound track. As I looked on Netflix for something similar I ended up starting “The Kennedy’s” mini-series. 

I spent ALL day yesterday going through seven of my billion teaching boxes (I started teaching in the eighties and have files and projects for 1st grade, kinders and preschool. Did I mention I'm a hoarder who is trying to become a minimalist???)  I’m purging, making piles to donate to our local elementary and church preschool, putting aside a few things to try to sell and keeping just my favorites in case I get to teach preschool again someday. (Next fall?!)

Despite the rain, little Miss Sydney wanted/NEEDED to get out for a walk, so we tried out her new nifty slicker.

I’m a little bit  selfish so the fact that Mr. C is in Phoenix at a swanky hotel and the weather isn't sunny and warm helps. I get to spend the week with questionable weather but with my baby girl!

How was your weekend?

In His Grip, Jane

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