Friday, January 25, 2013

Family Friday: Tags

Last Saturday Mr.C and I were beginning our quest to purge excess junk stuff and straighten our garage a bit. We brought our doggie Sydney outside with us. I looped her leash around her neck (thinking it would remind her to stay near me) and tucked my cell phone in my back pocket.

Sydney did well for a little while. She’d venture out to the driveway, and then come back inside the garage to “check in” with us. Then she got a bit too curious…The piles for Goodwill and the garbage were growing, but I realized my puppy was nowhere to be seen. I was looking up and down our street when my cell phone rang. A neighbor we hadn't met yet had Sydney.They also, had been out in their garage. Thankfully he called the number on her cute tag right away. Within minutes she was back under our care, and put safely on a tie-out rope. (We are renting our home right now and it doesn't have a fence or an “invisible fence”.)

If only it was that quick & easy when my kids or I decide to go or do something that’s not in our best interest. We step outside God’s design for us, we’re caught, God is notified God SEES and He comes to rescue us.

Actually, it does sort of happen that way. God has “tagged” my heart. I belong to Him. If I quiet the other noises around me and pay attention, I can hear Him calling me back to Him.

I’m thankful for dog tags, my “God-tagged heart” and that God uses people to help…

The world beckons us and not everything that intrigues us is good for us. Sydney is still learning her boundaries and I’m still a work in progress.

Are your pets tagged (and micro-chipped)? How about your heart?...
Enjoy your weekend friends!

In His Grip, Jane

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