Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Smitten With Sydney

"God places the lonely in families. 
He sets the prisoners free and gives them joy." 
Psalm 68:6a

I am convinced that Craig's List and God are totally connected. We searched online for a home to rent when we were moving back here from Illinois last March. This pretty place met all our criteria (except close proximity to town) but it also met some unspoken perks that God knew I would LOVE; water view, wrap-around porch, friendly neighbors, a large bonus room for the treadmill where our kids and their friends can hang out and even a hot tub!

Our second Craig's List "score!" is our new pet. We've wanted to adopt a dog since our youngest graduated from high school this summer. We've  been on the Prison Pet Partnership waiting list and I've also been looking at Craigslist and Pet Finder. We even drove to a place in the boonies called Castlerock a few weeks ago to meet some dogs but we just didn't feel they were supposed to come home with us.

I am happy to say we are now the proud new "pet parents" of Sydney (an Australian Kelpie Retriever Mix). Our kids asked how we found her and I'm convinced that God, who knows all, orchestrated it so we could be a family. 

As I hunted on Craig's List I was directed to a link for rescued dogs: I spotted an adorable red young dog whose name was Sadie- the same name as our beloved dog that passed away a year ago and something about her sweet face seemed familiar...We made arrangements to drive to Yakima Saturday, met “Sadie” and we fell in love.We re-named her Sydney on our long drive home and also pulled over quite a few times since she kept getting carsick. Poor little thing.

Our adopted baby surely wasn't a "chance" happening. Sydney's list of good qualities is LONG: she's very sweet and affectionate, has an adorable and expressive face, she doesn't bark, she's mellow, wants to be near us, sleeps quietly all night on her bed in our bedroom, isn't driven by food, doesn't pull on her leash and most importantly she's getting along with Tigger the cat!

Our last dog had SO many issues that we were constantly being taught how to love unconditionally. Our new little "girl" Sydney seems to be the perfect fit for the lonely. our house is too quiet, missing our four kids like crazy Empty nest life stage. We get to spoil this fur-baby like crazy and we're having fun being "Mommy & Daddy" again.

Sydney isn't perfect but who is? (Actually Jesus...) She keeps slinking up on the couch or our bed when we’re not looking, she’s stubborn when we ask her to SIT and she does shed a bit.

I couldn't help imagining what some of our friends went through when they adopted babies and children from overseas. I am sure their worlds all changed quite a bit more than the adjustments we've been making.

If Sydney was a human baby I'd be reading her books about how thankful we are that God brought us together. I found some great titles on Amazon:

Sydney is thrilled that God initiated adoption. Me too!
"God decided in advance to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ. This is what he wanted to do, and it gave him great pleasure." Ephesians 1:5

  • Bring extra towels and an entire roll of bounty paper towels if you're traveling three hours in the car with a new pet.
  • Stock up on Swiffer sheets- you'll be using them at least once a day even if your cat & dog both look red like the wood floor.
  • We needed our doggie as much as she needed a forever home. 
  • Trust that God knows our deepest desires.

Stay tuned: Tigger the cat feels compelled to give his side of the story...
In His Grip, Jane

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