Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Noticing Nails

    "Then they nailed him to the cross." Mark 15:24 
      I am so thankful that my two college kids and their friends made it safely over the mountain last night for break and that tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I booked my "baby"girl and I a mani-pedi appointment today to spend some mommy-daughter time together. The topic of nails always reminds me of an incident that occurred back in 1996. I can flash back to that day like it was yesterday...
      We lived in Grayslake, Illinois and I'd spent the day weeding my garden and playing with my kids. That evening my hubby and I attended a BBQ with his co-workers. I think I was the only stay-at-home Mommy surrounded by confident, fashionably dressed women. I glanced down at my hands and realized all my stubby little nails were filled with garden dirt. I remember standing in the hostesses' laundry room trying to clean them with a nail file as my emotions swung from almost tears of embarrassment to laughing at the ridiculousness of it all...
      I didn't have my first professional manicure until the day before my wedding (back in June of 1983). I've always been a nail biter and although I tried acrylics once I couldn't financially make that on-going commitment. After that BBQ incident I began to notice nails, and take better care of mine.

     Nails tell a bit of about a person, almost a bit of a story. They can say, "I'm naturally low-maintenance, trendy, classic or willing to spend time and money at a nail salon getting fills or polish." They might also say "I've been doing yard work or I'm a busy Mama without much time..."
     Polished nails just make me feel finished. The nails that I am most thankful for though aren't mine; they're the ones used to crucify Jesus. They were used to make a new covenant with God; the nail scars say, "IT IS FINISHED!" John 19:30
Have you noticed nails lately?...
Wishing you and your families a very Happy Thanksgiving! 
In His Grip, Jane


  1. i love this mama! And i love how you turned such a simple topic like nails into something so much more, and so true!

  2. I love this post. And I would have been in the laundry room with you scrubbing the paint off of mine! :)