Saturday, October 27, 2012

Will You Turn Green?

 I do NOT like creepy, scary or evil but I DO like seeing excited children dressed up in costumes, parading through school halls (is that even allowed anymore?) and going from door to door collecting mounds of candy. I also love children's books!

The neighborhood we lived in while our children were of trick or treating age was "the" place to go in town- I'd hand out over 700 pieces of candy! It's our first Happy Pumpkin Day (doesn't that sound friendlier than Halloween?) at our rental on the corner, and even though I have no idea how many times our doorbell will ring, I'll have chocolate, a carved pumpkin and my hubby will answer the door.

Back when I taught preschool and kindergarten I always read the Nancy Carlson book entitled Harriet's Halloween Candy to my students. It's my personal favorite for this time of year and it's available on Amazon. 

All the children's books written by Nancy Carlson teach life lessons as well as entertain. Click the link below to learn more about this talented author.

In this story Harriet the dog returns from trick or treating, and the first thing she does is categorize her candy into rows and count it up. Categorizing and counting candy on the living room floor became a family tradition for my kids.  I also had my class do this for "homework" as a way to make candy collecting educational.  That was math I enjoyed!  
The illustrations of Harriet  turning green from gorging herself in her closet until she becomes totally nauseated are priceless. I also have trouble with self-control when chocolate is involved...

If you have little ones ages four to eight I highly recommend you get yourself a copy of this book! (Or if you're a kid at heart like me!)

Lessons Learned: If you're hoarding candy and eating it in your closet, you'll probably get a tummy ache and possibly turn green.  It would be much healthier to nibble a little candy, then FEAST on God's word. So much better for body, mind and soul...
"Taste and see that the Lord is good." Psalm 34:7-9
In His Grip, Jane
Here's a peek at my adorable four 14 years ago.

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