Thursday, October 25, 2012

Beverage Blunders

 It happened, again. I messed up the drinks. I am a good "mixologist" at home (cosmos, margaritas, my morning coffee) but for some reason I keep messing up the large group beverages at church.

I am the designated "beverage girl/hospitality queen" at Women's bible study and two weeks in a row I've sort of messed up my job. I understand the concept of providing comfort in a cup, but am having some trouble with implementation.

My first blunder was hitting the half-pot button on the giant coffee machine when I had measured out the grounds for a full pot. Oh yes, it trickled out very black and very strong. I added some hot water to try to even things out but I most likely caused many women to be EXTRA wide-awake for the Kay Arthur video. I noticed Brian Williams did a news story tonight on our country being over-caffeinated. He must have heard about me! 

This week I stuck a "HOT WATER" sticker on a coffee dispenser so there would be a second  hot water container for the tea drinkers. My "healthy" friend sitting next to me decided to drink straight hot water. (Who does that? Especially when there isn't even a lemon slice available!) 
She noticed things floating in her cup, a bit of a tan color and an unpleasant taste. Who didn't consider that the thermos had always been used for coffee so it would have residue in the bottom? Why me, or course...

Bad memories from the past and nightmares can be like that residue. They float up in our minds when we least expect them and take our focus off God and good things that are happening right now.

I woke up this morning from a nightmare ( I was a high school student in a new town and nobody would be my friend. Yes, apparently I was revisiting what my daughter went through in Illinois... I couldn't shake the dark feeling until I reminded myself it was a dream about events in the past and God has been faithful to my daughter and I.
"Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things." Colossians 3:2

As I write this I'm enjoying a cup of Pumpkin Spice tea. I'm pretty sure I can't mess that up. (Teabag + hot water=Autumn in a mug.)
Lessons Learned: I probably won't get fired from my volunteer position because my bible study group appreciates the attempt not the end result, don't just plop a sticker on something and expect it to "become" what the label says, and when negative thoughts float to the surface like old coffee grounds,  dump them out and replace them with TRUTH.
In His Grip, Jane
My oldest daughter just got hired as a part-time barista in California at Dutch Brothers. Perhaps her talent will rub off on me!

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