Monday, October 1, 2012

Was it Worth the Price?

     Let me begin by admitting the truth; being and staying blonde is expensive. When I saw the birds at the fair who looked like they too had experienced some hair drama, I decided to share with you some observations I've made. (Perhaps they went to the beauty school too...) 
     With tuition for two at a private university (Whitworth is quite pricey but worth every penny) and me not contributing to the bank account right now, I told my hubby I would "cut corners" and save us money whenever and wherever I could.
     You'll find me buying certain groceries at the Grocery Outlet on 6th Ave and loving the money I save. The Target "red" card is my friend... I have a pile of sale and discount coupons with me at all times and I put off going to the mall for weeks until I had birthday $.
     I know I have a long way to go to adjust our budget and become more thrifty. One lesson  though, has already been reinforced. Hair hi-lights are one area that confirms the saying "you get what you pay for". My daughter added some Ombre color at the Beauty School in Tacoma before leaving for college and it turned out pretty. The total bill was only about $35 and I was sold! 
     I cancelled my regular "girl" who keeps my golden tresses looking lovely and "natural". (I really am a natural blond, I promise...) At the end of the summerI went on my merry way to save big bucks at the beauty school. 
     SOooo I tried to explain to the cute stylist student what my talented stylist usually does to no avail. When she consulted with her mentor and finished "foiling" me I had become a bit striped with really light and really dark colors. The bill was great for the budget, but the end result of feeling like Cruella wasn't worth it. (Let me add that I totally would recommend the Salon Professional Academy  for trims, all over color, kids, men and up-dos. They work hard and are very friendly.) 
     Even  though I'm not due to get a touch-up for a couple more weeks I finally contacted my regular stylist and she'll be repairing "the damage" this afternoon. Yay!! I want to thank all my friends for politely not asking any questions about my color snafu. (Or did you really not notice? Maybe only blondes are obsessed with roots and stripes...)
     The lesson of paying the price to get the best (or fix damage) was originally taught to all of us by God. He paid the ultimate price (the life of his son Jesus) so you and I can have eternal life. It's overwhelming to think about the price God was willing to pay...
"God purchased you at a high price." 1 Corinthians 7:23
In His Grip, Jane


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