Friday, August 24, 2012

Surprise! It's a Girl?

It was an innocent mistake. They apologized. But...the child we are sponsoring from World Vision is not the boy that our original paperwork described. For years I've been sending little packages to Zambia filled with cars, balls, and other small items a boy might enjoy. We received thank you letters which never revealed anything was amiss. 

I don't remember how it happened, but something didn't seem to fit after receiving a photo last fall (a skirt perhaps?) I contacted World Vision and after months they were finally able to identify the fact that our child was indeed a female, not a male. Surprise! 

I wrote an apology to Mwangala, but am not sure if the meaning was "lost in translation"... 

She's not our first "surprise girl". After three planned pregnancies we were given a surprise blessing of baby #4. We decided to find out the gender ahead of time so we could figure out where to put the crib. The ultrasound was  correct; we got a precious baby girl who shared a bedroom with her big sister.

I can't imagine our family without our sweet Sarah. In exactly one week we'll be driving that surprise baby girl to her dorm at Whitworth for her freshman year of college.

Besides putting together packages to mail Sarah and her brother to show they're loved, I'll also be sending Mwangala care packages. This time they'll  contain girlie-type items. I hope she'll know it doesn't matter to us if she's a girl or boy but that she's always been prayed for and loved from the other side of the globe simply because she's a child of God.

In His Grip, Jane


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