Friday, May 4, 2012

I Want Her Nose

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 “It’s just you.” I hear that phrase constantly from my hubby. Apparently I am the only one in the family with the ultra-sensitive nose that notices unpleasant fragrances around our house-especially the trash compactor. Funny how I had always wanted one and now that I’m in a rental home with the smashing contraption I am finding it has a disadvantage. Sure I use fewer bags and less trash cans…but the rotten food smell escapes each time I slide that darn thing open and I can only find the special pricey bags at one store.

Thanks to my Daddy’s side of the family, I have a “can’t be a model” shaped nose that is also superior in its ability to detect good and bad smells.  I LOVE to smell flowers, yummy things baking, coffee perking, candles, great aftershave, and fresh air. I do NOT like our trash compactor smell, Tigger’s litter box (even though I scoop daily) and kitchens when grease is frying. I do NOT like to leave a restaurant and have my clothes smell like food all day. Yes, I do exasperate my husband.

I want her nose. Samantha on the TV classic Bewitched had a cute nose with the ability to wiggle and produce results. I don’t remember episodes that ever mentioned her noticing bad smells. She just got things done. If I had her nose I could wiggle my way to having a totally organized garage without having to deal with preparing for a give-away, trips to Goodwill and the dump. Sarah’s graduation pictures would be chosen, her announcements created, addressed and mailed.  My home would be dust-free and sweet-smelling. I’m not advocating witchcraft since I am a believing, Jesus-follower, but…to have the ability to do or undo?  Nice…

Please come visit me out on the corner but keep in mind I really have been bleaching the trash compactor, using my favorite Mrs. Meyer’s cleaners and lighting candles. What I hope you notice even more is the fragrance of Christ in our conversation; “a sweet-smelling sacrifice that is acceptable and pleasing to God.” Phil. 4:18

2 Chronicles 2:14 “But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of him.”

I’m coming to terms with my talented and annoying nose.  If only I could use my nose and get paid for it! Does anyone know of a job for a “sniffer”? 

My amazing sweet-smelling Lilac bushes are giving my nose great joy!
Have a sweet weekend!
In His Grip, Jane


  1. Jane ~ sounds like you are back in the Harbor. Is Mike back too? How are you doing with all the changes in your life?
    I enjoy watching you learn and having my own thinking challenged as you share :)
    I hope all is well with you!

  2. Our family was not designed to have small, impervious noses mom, besides sarah, the adopted one. However, I embrace my powerful nose now and can smell any potentially dangerous scent as well as the full extent a wonderful flower might give off.