Monday, April 23, 2012

As Long As You Have Cottage Cheese

I love the back sample counter at Trader Joe's. They concoct something yummy, explain how to make it and have all the ingredients laid out so you know exactly what to buy; visual learners like myself appreciate that. I snapped a picture of the recipe with my "un-smart" phone and decided to give the recipe a try. 

The reason this was a bold move was my hubby doesn't like Thai or curry but I figured it was a side dish, so he wouldn't complain. When he looked at me making it the only question he asked was, "We have cottage cheese, right?" He knew if he had a scoop of his favorite dairy side dish, he'd be fine.

Cottage cheese is a staple at our house so "Carver corner" tries not to run out. My hubby believes it goes with everything. His favorite brand is the big tub of Dairigold sold at Costco. It seems like summer camps and college cafeterias have the same philosophy about peanut butter. They usually always have a jar and bread so that if the day's menu isn't a "hit" the kid can always make a  P & J sandwich.

God is my cottage cheese and peanut butter. No matter what my day looks like, and even if I'm offered something I really don't want, I know I'll be fine because I have the security of knowing Jesus is right there. The bonus is He'll never run out!

"For  He satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things." Psalm 107:9  

I thought I'd share this tasty recipe.(I cut the recipe in 1/2 for 3 of us.)

Trader Joe's Thai Harvest Grains
1 bag cooked Harvest Grains (follow package instructions)
1 bottle red curry
1/2 bottle mango ginger chutney
1 cup chopped peanuts & diced green onions
(Mix all ingredients in a skillet over medium heat until warm.)

In His Grip, Jane

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