Monday, April 16, 2012

Lost, Found and Learned

Blame it on moving. I am an organized girl who loves the idea of "a place for everything and everything in it's place." That works well unless you've had five addresses in two years. Then things start to get lost... After much stress and gnashing of teeth we located the missing file folder of ALL our 2011 tax information. (It was kind of a BIG deal.) I learned all kinds of lessons this weekend at Carver Corner.
I looked at my hubby as he was dashing to meet some friends in town and wondered why he was wearing the sweatshirt that had a huge stain covered with Shout stain stick. He'd grabbed it off the washing machine machine and assumed it was clean. Perhaps my laundry system isn't refined yet. Anyway, he didn't notice the spot-I had to bring it to his attention. Sometimes we're unaware of our own "stains" until they're pointed out to us..

Much to her dismay, my youngest daughter noticed Iced Caramel Macchiato stains all down the front of her ivory sundress. She had stopped for some road trip energy as she prepared to make the five hour drive to see her big brother on the other side of the state. As she went to pay she realized she'd left her wallet at home. I got to see the wardrobe malfunction when she needed me to meet her in town to deliver the wallet...She blamed the barista for the spillage and I know It will be a miracle if the stains can be removed when she gets back from her trip. Shout and Oxy can only do so much. God takes the stains He finds and makes them disappear.

"Jesus paid it all 
All to Him I owe 
Sin had left a crimson stain 
He washed it white as snow"
(source-lyrics to Jesus Paid it All) 

After searching everywhere and almost canceling our dinner reservation to Stanley & Seafort's, I tracked down the missing restaurant gift card our children gave us for Christmas. (We had a great date that included "The Tower, a view, Lavender martinis and a slice of Key Lime Pie.) Sometimes we're just looking in the wrong place.

We spent Saturday afternoon at the Swedish furniture store, Ikea. Due to it's size it takes a while to get from entrance to exit even if your list is short. As we maneuvered around couples and families speaking a variety of languages I managed to lose our list. I had written down items that I specifically hoped to find at a fabulous price, including kitchen chairs. Somewhere my post-it note detached from my Ikea map (yes, the map that helps you navigate departments and where you write the aisle and bin number of the items you desire.) There I was, retracing my steps, as if I'd spot my tiny piece of paper in that huge store. I finally gave up looking. God never gives up on us when we're lost.

In the end although the list remained lost, we managed to find what we needed and even ended up with a few surprise items.The chairs we brought home have not turned out to be the right choice. Anyone want to join me later this week for a trip to Ikea?

I will be spending my spring break finding things, working on stain removal taking a mini-road trip to Portland  and continuing my quest to find kitchen chairs. What have you lost, found or learned lately?

In his Grip, Jane

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