Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Help Rides a Bus

"God is our refuge and our strength, an ever-present help in trouble." Psalm 46:1

I woke up on my Mom's couch this morning; for the next week or so I am here to be "The Help". In the movie (and book) The Help, the women used public transportation. Yesterday I hopped on a bus to me bring from Chicago to Indianapolis to stay with my Mom. Today she'll be released from the hospital from post-knee-replacement surgery rehabilitation.

My two older sisters live in Indy and are always helping my Mom in addition to their full-time jobs. I'm glad I'm currently back in the Mid-west this winter so I can have lots of time to be "the help".

My life has had a bit too much drama in the last year but I doubt it's movie material. Perhaps a commercial? "I don't always use public transportation, but when I do, I take the Mega Bus..."

I haven't been on a big "fancy" bus since I was in high school and our drill team and band performed in Disney World. Here are some lessons learned if you decide to take the Mega Bus:
1. Don't arrive too early! There is no where to wait inside (except two blocks down the street at the Amtrack station.) Chicago in January is COLD and the bus pulls up to the curb exactly 15 minutes before departure. Our $26 good deal got pricey due to expensive parking. Next time I'll have my helpful husband dump me off on the sidewalk...
2. Don't sit too close to the back near the bathroom (no further explanation needed.) BTW, that loud noise you hear is the door opening and closing, not luggage falling.
3. Mega buses have wi-fi but not wireless-so much for using my iPad to check emails.
4. More spacious than a plane, but no where to stash your carry-on.

The ride was a bit bumpy, but I was happy to let Elliott the driver be behind the wheel while I read and napped. I hope to get back to some writing while I'm back in my childhood hometown. Not only do I get to spend quality time with my family (including holding Hank, my niece's newborn) but I hope to visit with some girlfriends too! Right now, I'd better get dressed so I can go see my Mom and find out how I can help today...

In His Grip, Jane

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