Thursday, January 19, 2012

Back Home Indiana

On my second night in Indiana I was at the Marsh grocery store when I saw a can of Big Red soda pop on the shelf. I instantly thought of my college days at Ball State University. Perhaps I shouldn't admit this, but I used to consume quite a bit of beer and Big Red. I think I picked up the "habits" from my southern Indiana guy friends. Today you'll find me sipping water with a lemon slice, Coke Zero, a non-fat latte or hot green mint tea with honey. Boring, but probably a bit healthier than the sugar and red food coloring in Big Red. (Or being the chug team captain of Chi Omega!) Another day I might share our "secret" recipe for the perfect margarita...

I'm in the land of round-abouts. (Carmel holds the record in America...maybe the world!) I haven't had a chance to get out much on this visit, but can't wait to get one of my town's famous fried pork tenderloin sandwiches. Yum!

The local Indy newscasts are focused on preparation for the Superbowl. There's a count-down on the Superbowl XLVI website. There are only 17 days, 4 hours, 51 minutes and 30 seconds until the big game! A Superbowl village is being erected, Lucas Oil Stadium is getting ready and the only thing missing will be my favorite teams who won't be playing. (Packers, Broncos, & Colts.) Reporters and Twitter followers speculate on whether Payton Manning will return, and the Colt's coaching staff continues to shrink as the owner "cleans house."

Carmel has grown quite a bit since my parents moved our family here when I was three and the changes have been remarkable since Mike and I moved away in 1993. I hope that my family and friends can tell I've been changing and growing too because of my faith. God's wisdom, laws and precepts help me navigate on my sometimes bumpy life journey, just like round-abouts keep the busy Carmel suburban traffic moving ahead more efficiently.

"Your statutes are my heritage forever; they are the joy of my heart". Psalm 119:111

Lessons Learned:

Change is sometimes for the best and yet some things are worth hanging on to. My heritage. It comes from: my childhood hometown (now blanketed in snow), my Mom (napping to the sound of Rush Limbugh on the radio while she waits for her home-nurse to arrive), and my God (who has been giving me lots of change and growing practice lately.)

I'm hanging on to my Colts garden flag in hopes that next year when it's football season I can be proud of my Hoosier heritage.

Do you ever think about your heritage?

In His Grip, Jane


  1. I so appreciate your comments about your Hoosier heritage...a bond we have always shared. I used to go to the local drive-in in Rushville to have a grilled pork tenderloin sandwich, lots of mustard please...with my beloved grandparents. We made a trek to Indy in the fall of 2010 and loved Lucas Oil Field and the whole downtown Indy experience...great museums and restaurants.
    My mom still buys Brooks catsup...a midwest exclusive, to make this wonderful dip..yummy! As I reflect on life in Pennsylvania...I realize I am so happy here...Gig Harbor was nice..but my soul is at home in the country. It reminds me of everything I ever loved about growing up in Indiana...the people are sweet and simple...the landscape I love to look at the old stone homes and barns. God is good...and always ready to help us through all the changes and seasons in our lives. You will always hold a special place in my dear Hoosier friend!

    1. I love you too Connie and am glad we share our "Hoosier Heritage" as well as being sisters in Christ. Gig Harbor feels like our home now...probably because it's where we raised our four children. So many memories and good friends; it's why we'll be moving back. It's always great to come visit Indiana though and I'm glad God has blessed you in Pennsylvania.

  2. I envy your Hoosier roots. Mine are not as deep. Too much moving. Great in some ways, not so much in others. I hope our new "roots" will give our kids security and something concrete to depend on in an otherwise unpredictable and crazy world. Loving you. Mike

  3. I think you're an honorary Hoosier; you spent time in Williamsburg during grade school, then four years at Butler! I am thankful our four wonderful kids believe "home" is whenever and wherever we are together as a family. Love you. Roots are a good thing (unless they're growing into your septic system...ask my sister.)

  4. I was also born and raised in Indiana and will always consider it my home. I haven't lived in IN for many years but love to come home for visits... It's hard to explain but it really is a special place.