Sunday, January 22, 2012

On The Market Means Margarita Time!

As I continue my time here in Indy with my Mom, it's time to begin a new blog series: See Jane Move...again.

My duties at my Mom's are varied; meal prep, ice pack & medicine distributor, laundry lady and errand runner. My patient is delightful company. (Tip-don't wash your mom's fuzzy towels with her black t-shirt.) While I'm here doing this, Mike is there doing that. What's that? Well, our house in Glen Ellyn is now officially "on the market". The signs are up, the brochures are printed, and the carpet was cleaned.

It took less than two years to determine we needed to leave Illinois and get back to Gig Harbor. It took just over two weeks to prepare and "stage" our white colonial cottage. The definition of preparation for us was: purge like crazy/take loads to Goodwill, paint & repair, move tons of boxes to our detached garage and inform our married son & daughter-in-law that they'd need to find a new spot to live. (Update: Mitch & Amy found an apartment they love north of Chicago on their first day of looking!!)

After that, the "stager" (me) tried to depersonalize (remove family photos), clean, rearrange furniture, and put out fresh fruit and flowers so 247 Sawyer Avenue looks just like a family home featured in the latest magazine issue. Ha! Hopefully I accomplished all that before I boarded the Mega Bus last Tuesday, because we have our first showing this afternoon. The nerve! Right in the middle of football playoffs day...

As our for sale sign was pounded in our front yard when we lived in our Whitley Hills yellow house I cried and took Allie out for a big margarita. This time I wasn't even home when the sign went up and I felt relieved. As Mike and I made decisions about moving back and finished long days of projects we enjoyed some of our yummy margaritas.

Big Red (or beer) was my go-to drink in my younger days. It's become a Carver tradition that sad times, hard circumstances and celebrations in the last two years have been dealt with at our table with a frosty, salted goblet in hand. (Mitch made us a pitcher the night we had to put our beloved puppy Sadie "down".) I want to share our "secret" recipe with you for fabulous margaritas but before I do I'd like to share my go-to source that is even better than tequila. Jesus.

Carver Margaritas

In a blender;
1 frozen can of Bacardi lime margarita mix
3/4 can tequila (Patron is SO good)
1/2 can triple sec
quarter of a fresh lime squeezed in
fill blender 3/4 full with ice
(if you love salt, rub lime around rim, dip in drink salt)
Fill glass and top with a little Grand Marnier
Give thanks, toast and enjoy!

"On the last and greatest day of the Feast, Jesus stood and said in a loud voice, "If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink."
John 7:37

In His Grip, Jane

(We'd appreciate prayers that our Glen Ellyn home sells quickly. Thanks in advance.)

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