Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NOT The Momma!

My cat,Tigger,who is back in Glen Ellyn with my husband, oldest son and daughter-in-law has been so confused lately. First he lost his best friend Sadie (our yellow dog that passed away) and then his momma (me) left for the school year. When I Skype with Mike, Tigger hears my voice, comes near the computer, but can’t figure out where I am!

I saw Tig's confusion first-hand when I returned home for a visit a couple weeks ago. Granted, my family is feeding him and occasionally scooping out his litter box, but they just aren't me. Being the wonderful “pet parent” that I am, I proceeded to brush him, give him a pedi, wash out his litter box and snuggle with him.

I knew he was content and convinced that his authentic momma really was home when he curled up in the brand new cat bed beside our fireplace. I bought him a super-soft, but manly bed back in July (I love the store Homegoods!) yet he had never used it. After I’d been home just a few hours, he walked across the living room, curled up in as small a ball as a fat, 15+ pound orange cat can, and promptly fell asleep. Tigger knows his “Momma”, and all is right with his world when I am there.

Do you remember watching the animated show from the early 1990’s called Dinosaurs? We used to watch it all the time. I loved how the baby would yell, “Not the Momma!” and bang something on the Dad's head whenever Daddy tried to feed or care for him. If I could figure out how to attach a link I would have, but you can go on You Tube and type in the Dinosaurs TV show "Not the Momma!" episode-oh it brings back memories... Tigger doesn’t hit Mike on the head, but he has been known to dig in his claws or remain aloof.

Babies know who their true Mommy/caretaker is. I spent Monday morning with a brand-new mommy and her two week old baby boy. She mentioned how amazing it was that he already could tell when she was holding him, instead of someone else.

Have you had that experience? Are you the Momma or “pet parent” that can make someone special in your life feel safe, protected and content?

Isn't it so reassuring that our Father in Heaven is there for us even if our parents aren’t close by or have already passed away? We were created to know our Father. Knowing that our authentic, true God is holding us, and trusting Him completely is very comforting. Sometimes we can even sleep soundly...

“I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety.” Psalm 4:8

Lessons Learned:
It is difficult to Skype with your pet, comfy beds are a must, and occasionally a sleep-aide is quite helpful.

In His Grip, Jane

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  1. Loved reading this! Beautiful picture of the tig in his natural habitat.