Thursday, May 12, 2011

Reflections of Roma- Day One: Worth the Wait

(Our view.)
My man Mike was awarded a special trip to Rome with his company, APP. This is actually our 2nd trip to Rome, but I've been waiting 12 years to return. Flying overnight on American Airlines it took us about 9 hours to get from Chicago to Rome. We were served dinner (I had yummy Pesto tortellini) and breakfast (yogurt and a croissant). I appreciated the fact that we were given blankets and pillows but I still froze since I was next to the window and I’m used to my down comforter.

I dozed a bit but didn’t sleep soundly. I thought about the women from my church who took a twenty hour flight to India to do a mission trip and decided I wouldn’t complain and ask “are we there yet?”

After getting through customs we headed to our swanky Boscolo Hotel Exedra in the Plaza Rebublica. Our room wasn’t ready so we found a place nearby where we could grab our first Italian lunch. I had salad, Mike had prosciutto and melon and we split some Sangria.

We thought surely our room would be ready when we returned but it wasn’t. We sat on couches in the lobby and sort of fell asleep trying to protect our carry-on luggage.

Finally our room was ready and it was beautiful! We crawled into our enormous bed for a nap and set our alarm so we could get up and primp for our reception dinner.

(Loved the marble bathroom.)

(Huge, comfy bed.)

The reception was held in the Presidential suite. The food was amazing and we could visit inside or out on the balconies.

(Quite happy on the balcony.)

(I had all three flavors!)

Our CEO and his wife were put in a room directly under the restaurant. For two nights they were woken by the loud parties and scraping chairs.
They respectfully asked the front desk if they could be relocated and were led to a new room. Much to their surprise they were given the Presidential suite where we had the dinner party. John and his wife Carol are two of the nicest people I’ve met and I love that they were spoiled a bit. They hadn’t expected such an opulent room, but it’s a bit like God’s grace-undeserved but much appreciated.

Sometimes a bit of a struggle makes what comes next even sweeter. Some things are worth the wait.

(Over the next week I'll share all our adventures...)

In His Grip, Jane

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  1. "Sometimes a bit of a struggle makes what comes next even sweeter. Some things are worth the wait"...... I love that Jane - so true! Can't wait to read more about your adventures!!!