Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last Day Reflections of Roma-This and That

Thank you for putting up with me as I reminisced about our fabulous week in Rome. Like the title says, today is a little of this and a little of that...

A political protest that included putting red dye in the fountain so it looked like blood. When I first saw the cross, “bust” and police I thought someone had been killed.

Wouldn’t a tiny car like this be fun to drive around town? Besides helping with gas mileage it would certainly help my parallel parking when I’m in Glen Ellyn.

Who doesn’t love walking by fresh, colorful flowers!

I could totally live here.

What fun roof parties they must have…

The long glance-that lasted all day: The security line at the airport the day we flew out of Rome was ridiculously long. I had lots of time to people watch and check out what other women chose to wear on an international flight. Why do women watch other women? I think we check each other out to see how we “compare”. My husband always tells me I should be confident in who I am, but I’ve always fought a bit of a low self-esteem battle.

A woman with gorgeous glossy brunette curly hair caught my eye. (Apparently my husband’s too.) She wore a blue, form-fitting dress, a scarf tied with aplomb and fashionable boots. (I also have a blue sweater dress but I have to wear mine with Spanx and I turn blue in the face trying to hold in my 4-kid-mommy-tummy.)

After we boarded the plane and were settled in our seat I realized the Italian beauty was sitting catty-corner from me. She caught me looking at her because she was looking at me. She had a perfect, shiny, dark red manicure; I had nibbled nails with light pink polish. We both had reading glasses but hers were cuter (of course.) We ordered the same lunch and I was astonished how quickly she gobbled hers down all while looking sexy. She read her book. I read my book. She touched up her make-up before we landed. I touched up mine.(I wasn't stalking her, I was just glancing occasionally-I promise.)

Maybe she was glancing at me because whenever I travel I take off my ballet flats and put on fuzzy socks so my feet don’t get cold. I probably looked silly as I went to the restroom. Maybe she watched me because she was taking a trip to Chicago (I spied her map) and she heard me speak English. (She was probably bi-lingual.)

I wish we could have done more than just scan each other. I wish I could have asked her a million questions about Italy and told her my favorite things to do in Chicago. Our seats where just a bit too far to start a conversation and she disembarked with her guy pretty quickly. I got so caught up comparing myself to her that I sort of forgot that God made me just the way I am for a reason and HE is the only one whose opinion counts.

“Be honest in you estimate of yourselves, measuring your value by how much faith God has given you.” Romans 12:3

I love traveling to different places;sight-seeing, enjoying delicious food and learning new things about cultures. Although different, I also realize that people all over the world have a lot in common- sort of like the country song lyrics-“we all bleed red”. (We don’t all dye our fountain water red though…)

What I know for sure:
God is Great
Roma is good
Italian drivers are crazy!

In His Grip, Jane

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