Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One Year Ago

It’s my blog’s one year anniversary. On June 1st, 2010, I blogged for the first time. 24 Count-down was about all the drama my family was going through since my husband got promoted and we were about to leave Washington State and head to Illinois. (I've noticed a lot of soap operas have gone off the networks. Perhaps it's because the Carver family always has so much going on that we could almost have our own show?...)

A lot has happened in a year…

We did leave our yellow house and move to Glen Ellyn, but here I am living most of the time back in Gig Harbor.

We did find a home for our little black cat named Zoe (although she ran away and lived in the woods last summer until “Grandma Joan” rescued her.)

T.J. did graduate from high school, worked all summer at a job he didn’t like and started Whitworth University (which he loves!)

Our daughter Allie did make it back from England and completed her degree-almost in four years. (She still has to student teach in the fall.)

Mitch & Amy did get married and they are going to be celebrating their first anniversary by moving to Glen Ellyn to live in our house and save money and pay off school loans. (Hopefully they’ll both get jobs!)

Sarah did move to Illinois with us and despite this transition being covered in prayer she was miserable. (That’s why I’m back in Gig Harbor- so she can finish high school here…)

Our pets Sadie & Tigger did adjust to their new surroundings-finally. Sadie has a new puppy friend next door named Allie, and a pet care-provider named Jim. Tigger stays inside and continues to “give us the paw” and leave cat hair on Mike’s dining room chair.

I did learn how to attach photos and highlight scripture. I am still a baby blogger. I took care of one year olds in our church nursery this spring so I know that one year olds have a lot to learn, just like this blogger.

Thank you friends and family for taking the time to read my stories…I really appreciate you and hope that as I process and share the lessons that God is teaching me that I bring Him glory. As I grow, I want to keep passing on what I’m learning.

“Teach these great truths to trustworthy people who are able to pass them on to others”
2Timothy 2:1-2

In His Grip, Jane

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