Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wait Your Turn

It’s not my turn.

I’ve been here in the Northwest away from my husband for two months, and I finally had a “green light moment” about the situation this past weekend. Well, actually a red and white sign moment…

I was one of the 6,300 women who packed the Tacoma Dome to hear Beth Moore speak at the Lifeway Living Proof Live Conference. The topic was modeled after road signs; stop, yield, and go. Beth had so many great examples and scriptures to help us understand that we are all at different places and God is directing our journeys.

After the conference was over I was still processing what I had learned and trying to narrow down exactly what God was trying to teach me. It took a comment from one of my church girlfriends to suddenly make it all much clearer. I love how God uses the church body to help us in both practical and spiritual matters.

I am in a season of submission and my road sign is YIELD. I felt like I was contributing last year and I was definitely on the go. I was a Mops mentor, a guest speaker, and then I thought God would want me to minister to young families in our new town.

Well, right now it’s not about ME. I am to step aside and encourage my family members. (I should be good at this- I’ve always loved being a cheerleader!) My husband has lots of opportunities to be an example of a Godly man to guys at his office, and minister to men at our church.He's also writing a book on how God redeemed our marriage.

My youngest daughter is serving as a Young Life student leader. She is growing in her faith by leaps and bounds and our temporary move back here has made it possible for her to feel needed and share her faith with other high school students.

I’m used to having my own “thing”. I like to lead. Waiting is hard.

Is anyone else going through a time of waiting? Most young moms are. If they’ve chosen to stay at home with their little ones they are in the day-in-day-out ministry of serving others with little recognition. One of my dear prayer partners mentioned that she’s always put her needs on the shelf to support her husband. (I applaud her submission, but want her to also get to do ministries she’s passionate about because she’s an amazing Godly woman who many could learn from.)

Beth reminded us that God honors those who yield. Even though I’m feeling a bit impatient while I watch others busy in their activities, I am promised in God’s word that if I yield for others I will still produce a harvest.

Matthew 13:23 says “The good soil represents the hearts of those who truly accept God’s message and produce a huge harvest-thirty, sixty, or even a hundred times as much as had been planted.”

I’m attempting to yield with grace. I don’t want to stamp my feet and have a temper fit toward God because he’s shown me I need to wait my turn. I am to cheerfully support my husband, daughter and other three young adult children as they make a difference right now for the Kingdom of God. I know my turn will come.

We have a lot of round-abouts in my town so I often have to yield to others. There’s a reason we occasionally have to wait our turn-so others can have theirs!

I’m choosing to trust God right now.

If you’re also in a season of yielding to others I’d love to hear from you!

In His Grip, Jane

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  1. Yay God! Isn't it great to have the comfort of knowing you are in just the place God has you? Enjoy your time of yielding ... it will be awesome to look back some day and realize the yield it produced. p.s. I'm also praying that God will give you a little 'go' project while you're here =)