Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Act Your Age

I’ve been knitting a lot. I know it’s a craft that can be enjoyed by all ages, but sometimes it makes me feel a bit “old”. When you think of a knitter do you picture grandma in a rocking chair with a gray bun? If you've never tried it, knitting is a comforting hobby. (Ask my family about the drive home after leaving my oldest son at college when I was knitting and crying...) I’m not an advanced knitter. I stick to scarves since they don't require too much concentration. I own enough so I've decided to make a collection of warm scarves and give them to the homeless group of men and women who attend our church back in Illinois.

I married a younger man (11 months younger.) He just bought his/our first convertible sports car. For the first time in 20+ years he doesn't get a company car so he got to choose what HE wanted. It’s used, but hey I am thrilled that he’s finally spoiling himself and I don’t even care if some relatives or friends will wonder if he’s having a mid-life crisis! I remember repeatedly telling him that I wanted a baby blue Bentley convertible when I turned 50. Well, my birthday came and went but now my wish came true through him! Bentleys were a bit out of our price range...

Who decides what behavior is appropriate for what age? Growing up I was told I was a “late bloomer”. Perhaps this had something to do with the fact that I didn’t need a bra for quite a while… and I liked to play with my dolls for quite a while… I might be a female version of Peter Pan! I don’t want to grow up!

What exactly is a late bloomer? If you combine the definitions of late… with bloomer… it goes something like this: somebody who grows up or reaches a level of competence at a particular stage of development after the normal or usual time.

I know I’ve seen the label "late bloomer" on certain flower bulb packages. I assume it means they come up and bloom later in the season than other flowers. Will they be just as pretty? Sure. Will they wait be worth it? Most definitely!

I’m not sure if my husband and I are acting like a “typical” 50ish couple. He is excelling in his career and zipping back and forth in his sports car. (Which, by the way I can’t wait to ride in this summer, complete with dark shades and head scarf.) I am here being mom to my youngest child, trying to figure out what I want to BE if I’m not a teacher or homemaker, knitting, and using anti-aging products.

On my growing up journey, God has lovingly guided me through lots of awkward stages, and He’s helped to take away a lot of my insecurities. Through HIM I am happy with my age, although inside my head I am 51 going on 15. I am here for a purpose and God has been patiently tending to me waiting for me to "bloom" using my spiritual gifts for His glory. I pray I am worth the wait!

” For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb.”
Psalm 139:13

Have you ever wondered if you are acting your age? Age is just a number but my goal is to act the age those around me need me to act.I want to be mature in my faith, but playful in spirit. (And I'd love it if those anti-aging products would take away my wrinkles!)

So about this whole knitting thing… maybe I should get some silky, thin, yarn and make just the right thing to keep my hair out of my face while I’m riding around with my hubby in the convertible!

In His Grip, Jane

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