Monday, March 7, 2011

On the Surface

One of the many perks of living in a home on the water right now, is the view out my kitchen window. Most afternoons you'll find me perched up at the counter, doing my bible study and watching all the geese, ducks, seagulls and other wildlife.

The other day I stopped studying and just watched...

I discovered that ducks can hold their breath for a really long time as they dive under water looking for their dinner. As I watched them pop back up to the surface, I noticed that a group of them were staying in close proximity to each other while they "fished". There was one lone duck off to the side. Was it guarding the others? Was it just feeling the need to have some alone time rather than being in "community"? My college son thrives on being around people. He's the first to admit though, that he needs some alone time every day. I've seen how impatient and cranky he gets if he hasn't HAD some alone time. I believe God encourages us to spend time alone with him each day because he understands that's what we need. He also "built" us for fellowship and community.

God used my high school daughter's "alone" time in Chicago to grow her trust and dependency, but it's wonderful to see her surrounded by a COMMUNITY of teens and adults who know her, love her and will help nurture her faith as the countdown to college continues.

Another lesson the ducks brought to my attention was how they appear to glide across the surface, even though under the water their webbed feet are paddling like crazy. If others are watching me, what do they see? Do they wonder what's going on under the surface?

Watching ducks during my quiet alone time truly was fascinating. The water formed beautiful ripples as they moved about. Sometimes they were circular and moved out farther and farther in the Bay. Other times it looked like a V-shape as one duck was the leader and the others followed behind.

I believe the saying "ducks in a row" comes from the practice of a mother duck-hen who lines up her little ducklings behind her in a straight line. The "row" makes it easier for her to see if one of them is getting lost and not following her.

If we learn to follow behind our leader (Jesus) then we won't get lost, and we could have a positive ripple effect on those around us. Are you and I willing to follow, even if sometimes it feels hard-as if we're "kicking like crazy"? The end result will be a beautiful V- Victory in Christ

In His Grip, Jane

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