Friday, February 4, 2011

Eyes Wide Open

Have you ever had a “balance test”? Not the kind where you stand on one leg and see if you can stand steady with your eyes closed… Today I had an inner ear test to see if I could get an answer to my vertigo problem. It was not a fun morning.

First of all I had to give up caffeine for two days (and medicine & wine). I wasn’t allowed anything to eat this morning and couldn’t wear any make-up. At 9:00 I showed up at the audiologist hungry,and hiding behind sunglasses in case I ran into anyone I knew. It was raining out so the sunglasses made me feel a bit conspicuous…

The test involved wearing really tight goggles (like the ones in the photo) that didn’t help my ongoing headache.I'm sure I looked cute too. I had to follow red dots with my eyes for quite a while. It was tiring, but not hard. Next she would move my head then quickly force me backwards on the table. The computer was “reading” what my eyes were doing. I know someone really smart created this test and machine, but did they realize how uncomfortable the “patient” would be?

The HARD part came next. Warm air (it felt hot to me) was blown into each ear then later repeated with cold air. I couldn’t see a thing. The goggles made everything black but I had to keep my eyes open. It is HARD to keep your eyes open when you’re: tired and haven’t had caffeine, it’s dark, and you’re dizzy.

I kept singing the Switchfoot tune from Your Love is a Song that has the lyrics “I’ve been keeping my eyes wide open.” Each time the air finished it’s little blowing session- my own little hurricane torture, I would be asked to list things like states, fruit, zoo animals. I am over 50 and have a college+ degree yet my brain was having a difficult time focusing and remembering facts. How many states or zoo animals can you list quickly when you're dizzy? Ok then...

I was happy when the test was over and I could sit up, put my make-up on and head to Starbucks with a diagnosis. I need vestibular therapy with a physical therapist. I also discovered I need to hang out more in the produce section, memorize the 50 states, learn more countries and go on a field trip to the zoo!

Besides those educational facts I think God would like me to remember to keep my eyes wide open too. Wide open even when my circumstances aren’t perfect and I’m not feeling great. There are a lot of people all around me who could use Jesus in their lives and if I’m too inwardly-focused I’ll miss opportunities. I need to keep my eyes wide open and on the Lord rather than just on my issues or earthly “things”.

" Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law."
Psalm 199:18

Are you keeping your eyes wide open?

In His Grip, Jane

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  1. Your are an encouragement to me.
    Looking -with your eyes open :o)- at what is happening with and around you, Always finding a way to see the LORD busy.