Monday, January 31, 2011

As My World Spins

I’ve heard the saying; “you can’t go back” but I’m here to say you sort of can…Thomas Wolfe wrote the book You Can’t go home Again in the 1940’s and this saying has become part of our culture. People warn you not to try it, how different it will be and if you leave and come back you’re often seen as a failure.

As I explain our “story” and why I’m back with my daughter but not my husband I get mostly positive comments. It helps me persevere when I get encouraging words, but this isn't about whether or not our family's decision gets approval. I hope to glorify God in this process. I want to share that we’ve been stretched, learned lots of lessons when we were in Illinois and that no matter what; God has been helping us with this situation.

"Return home and tell how much God has done for you.
" Luke 8:39

Here's what I've been up to in the Harbor for the last two weeks...

I’ve been to all my favorite local restaurants; Tides for halibut & chips, Spiros for salad & pizza, Anthony’s for seafood fettuccine, and Kinza for chicken teriyaki. It’s funny how you miss certain food spots when you move away from them.

At the two grocery stores I’ve visited I’ve recognized the clerks and run into friends.Target felt much cozier than the one in Illinois and the Orthodontist staff was so welcoming.

At church I received a warm reception and hugs from lots of brothers & sisters in Christ.I've been to prayer group and couples group and tomorrow I start back to my woman's bible study and we're doing a Beth Moore!

I’ve spent the last several days being a Mom again with a full house. I’ve been doing loads of laundry (mostly towels since the house we’re living in has a hot tub), fixing meals and heading back to the grocery store to buy more food for hungry college kids home on break.

Despite all the activity, I’ve been feeling a bit unsteady the last few days. I’ve been questioning this decision when I’m lonely or feeling sorry for myself. I’ve been missing my man, my pets, and my old routine. I’ve also been literally unsteady. I’m having a rotten case of Vertigo. My world has been literally spinning. I hope to find out some answers when I go to a hearing & balance specialist at the end of the week. I am tired of being a true dizzy blond!

In His Grip (so I won't fall over), Jane

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