Thursday, January 6, 2011

Time With Tig

We’ve got a routine. I sit down for my quiet time on the couch or chair by the window with my steaming cup of coffee. Usually I have a fuzzy, soft robe on. Tigger, my fat orange tabby cat jumps up beside me. He climbs on my lap and sits up nice and tall. Then he gets really close to my face and just stares at me. He probably wonders why my eyes look so enormous since I usually still have my glasses on instead of my contacts. Next he sniffs me. Yep it’s me, Tigger! I’m the one who loves you, rescued you as a tiny kitten 9 years ago, scoops your litter box and spoils you with stinky wet food at night.

Once he’s satisfied that I am who he thinks I am he lays down on my chest, snuggles and begins to purr. I am really going to miss him when I leave for Washington. The pets are staying here with Mike since I’ll be living in someone’s home. There is a chance the cat could come next year if we’re in a place that allows pets.

I had lots of things I needed to start doing this morning, but I just wanted to sit still with my purring cat while I talked to God. I sort of had a flashback to when my four children were babies and they would fall asleep on my chest. There is such contentment in the simple act of being with someone we love (human, furry or our God). Remember the poem about I’m rocking my baby and cleaning can wait? Well, right now I would rather snuggle than head up to clean my bathroom.

Just as Tigger wants to feel secure with me, I feel the need to be in the safe “lap” of God. He encourages me to come closer, lets me really “see” who He is and that He can be trusted, then wraps His loving arms around me and draws me closer. I am content.

Praise the Lord; praise God our savior! For each day he carries us in his arms.Psalm 68:19

So, in the next 11 days before I hug my pets goodbye I’ll just be spending as much time cuddling as I can.

In His Grip... Jane

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