Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Two Weeks and Counting...

Another count-down… Many of you know that my husband and I decided to join the ranks of couples who live apart for a time due to circumstances. We feel it’s best if I take our youngest daughter back where she grew up so she can finish her last year and a half of high school in Washington.

I feel a bit “deployed”. Just like a soldier who is passionate about his/her country and has a duty to fulfill, yet doesn’t want to leave family behind, I must go. Instead of the fear of war or the unknown, I am returning to a loving community and great friends. The difficult part will be leaving my husband, dog and cat, and the new life we were beginning to create. I also fear getting re-attached to my former town, only to have to give it up and return to Illinois when my daughter leaves for college.

But for now I must write lists, pack, organize and clean. I have two weeks until I board a plane headed west. Two weeks to run errands, say goodbye at bible study and prayer group, take my “puppy” for walks in the chilly Chicago weather and relish the time with my man in front of our warm fireplaces.

An update on the stolen GPS… The police found it! We don’t have to buy a third Tom-Tom!I am learning to trust.

“I will not be afraid, because the Lord is my helper.”
Hebrews 13:6

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